Chennai group- Wonderful!

Chennai group of PWS have met at Marina beach, Chennai between 6.15 & 7.30 PM on 4.5.08 (Sunday). Amazing!
Everybody talked about 10 min each. They shared their experiences. After the meeting they decided (their words):
“1.Every fortnight, let us meet at Marina beach.
2.Add more numbers to our group. For this, one member will give an
AD in Chennai Free AD giving both of our contact numbers and mail IDs.
3.Next time each of us has to tell a few jokes.
4. Cultivate more homour sense as this is very much lacking with PWS. Even laugh at our stammering.
5. After few meetings, we thought of a get together with our family members.”

Friends, you are moving in right direction, of course! (TISA)


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