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Guys and gals,

The first list of adult and family workshops for the NSA Parsippany/NYC conference is now available on the NSA website at www.WeStutter.org.

Click here for that listing.

As always, six weeks before the conference, this list is very tentative and subject to change without notice. However it will give you a good feel for what’s available at the conference and how you should plan your days.

And looking at the registration numbers, this could easily be the largest conference in NSA history! We’re waaaay ahead of where we were this time last year. The Yankee/Mets baseball game is already sold out, and several of the sessions (tours) are nearing capacity. So if you haven’t already registered for the conference, it’s time to get it in gear and do so IMMEDIATELY!

We hope to see you at the conference in less than six weeks!

Russ Hicks
NSA Webmaster

Dallas, Texas
972-881-1451 home, 972-489-6169 cell
My home page: http://www.RussHicks.com
NSA home page: http://www.WeStutter.org

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  1. Sachin 11 years ago

    Thanks Viren!


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