I recently listened to one of the podcasts from stuttertalk: interview with Dr Phil Schneider. It was good. Wonder when some AIR bureaucrat will let us do a similar program on AIR, if ever?
Then, again, I was talking to a friend from Pune and it brought back the need to talk, rather than just write to each other- as far as we the PWS are concerned. So, I have installed the latest version and am ready. My skype ID is “satyendra.srivastava” and will be available most often between 8pm and 11 pm. Sometime I travel out- may be 7-8 days a month. Whenever I log in, you should be able to see me, after you have added me as one of the contacts. I just checked it by talking to someone in USA and it worked. Here is the page, where you can get the 3.8 free version of skype for windows:
Happy skyping!
Share your skype IDs!

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  1. Akash 11 years ago

    Great! My Skepe id is


    However, I have never used this before!


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