Can a PWS teach?

Saturday- 6th March: we went on a one day hike- to Bhadraj temple, then to Dudhli village, Cloud’s end and finally Mussoorie. A beautiful day walking a high ridge (6 to 7 thousand feet) seperating Doon valley with the views of eternal snow ranges to north. Pramendar, Aman, Vineet and Dr Marinsha. Pramendra discussed block management techniques on the way. Aman and Vineet honed their social skills- an often neglected area for many PWS.
Sunday (7th March). P- a young lady with MBA came from a nearby town today. Watching, Julia Irani’s program on Dawn TV, emotions overwhelmed her and she cried. We talked, explored, commiserated, discussed, brain stormed..
Later on, in the sunday SHG meeting, she opened further up and shared her thoughts, experiences, feelings and fears. Pramendra made a presentation on: changes in his perception about stammering in last ten days. Others (Surendra, Vineet, Pawan, Nishu, Mrs Jain) too spoke. Rajat, a young student came from a nearby school, with his mother and aunt. Ms P promised to follow up on this visit.
An interesting topic came up: the B.Ed form carries a note- asking PWS to keep out. Why? if it is a disability, Indian disability act should cover it. If it is not, why prevent PWS from teaching? What kind of “inclusive” education State is talking about, if it cant let a PWS teach? Or may be they think, that if PWS teaches, all students will “catch” the infection! (I dont put it beyond them!)


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  1. pb 9 years ago

    i think we pws are one of the most neglected , less talked about part of the society . they make fun of us ,we get criticm and rejection . and all of it has to change .
    ive encountered a severe stutterer lecturer in my college , and no doubt abt the knowledge of the guy but his teaching skills were always weighed by his speech . he had so many other qualities beside that; but they were never talked about .

  2. Marnie 9 years ago

    I just happened across this blog — hello from Toronto, Canada! — and would like to mention that I once had a teacher who stammered. She was very intelligent, organized and animated, and nobody ever noticed her stammer past the first class or two. I think it's a terrible shame to reject potential teachers just because they stammer, and I hope the situation will change for you there.

  3. Sachin 9 years ago

    Thank you Marnie and pb. Yes, we are trying to get legal advice on this issue- since it violates our human rights and restricts our choices in life. If a student grows up never seeing anyone stammering- no wonder he will treat someone stammering later in life with great shock..


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