Facing Interview?

TISA gets appeal for help from young IPWS facing interviews (and especially GD). Let us say, there is a discrimination against stammerers in interview (even elsewhere). But let us remember that everybody faces somekind of discrimination or other all the time in society- based on dialect, caste, dress, body shape, religion, age, gender, college you passed from etc. etc. Let us focus on solutions rather than coming thru as a ‘cry baby’. Here are few things to remember:

1. Everyone stammers under stress to varying degrees- Stammering alone would rarely get you disqualified. As Keith says, your body language contributes a lot. If you react with shame and fear, to your stammering, chances are interviewer will also take a similar view of your communication. If you just carry on, chances are, no one will take notice of it.

2. You are being assessed on a large variety of criteria in an interview- communication is just one of them. You can make up by working hard on other aspects; check this link for these ‘other variables’:

3. Law of probability says that if I attempt 10 interviews, I will not get selected in all ten. May be five- if the ‘dice’ is not weighted for or against me. Brad Cohen (after whom the famous motivational movie “Front of the class” is made), failed first 24 interviews before getting selected as a teacher, his first job! If you want something deeply, you will not care how many attempts it takes.

So, get up and get going..


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    Agree with you Sachin!!. Nice post

    While appearing for interviews the focus should be on content rather than the way we speak.

    It’s Obvious to feel bad after one stutters at some point of the interview. But what it should not do is let us minds to be occupied with it rest of the interview. I think we should train our mind and body for that. Letting the interviewee in advance does helps to some extent.

  2. UMESH RAWAT 9 years ago

    i am also have to prepared for interviews these day because after 2 months , a tough time is going to start for me.
    I will complete my b.tech final year and have to go in search of jobs. plz provide me some confidence and boostage advices.
    my email is rawat_hi@yahoo.com

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Umesh, First things first.
    It is not a question of life and death to get job in your first or first few interviews. And it is ok if you fail in first few interviews. I failed in first three during my campus placement. You will get the job for sure, that is not a problem.

    Secondly, don’t just think of curing or managing the problem for the sake of interview. Because if you will do that, after that again life will become comfortable and you will forget about the problem.
    So.. try to solve the problem for life not for instances in it.

    For your interview and confidence.
    1. Prepare well, this is very important. PWS give much time thinking about speech and don’t prepare well.
    2. You can read motivational books (let me know if you want names of few), watch motivational movies.
    3. Talk to people for guidance and advice.
    4. Accept your failures and celebrate your success.
    Good luck!!


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