FIRST SHG meet at k-k-KOLKATA!

This meet will be facilitated by Ms Sweta and Dr Durba (for their contact details click ‘Kolkata’ under “Contact Self Help Groups at” in the right hand column on this blog); here are the details:
Venue: Medica ENT Institute, P12 Nirala Cooperative, Mukundapur,Kolkata-99
Time: 24th April,2010, 5pm to 7pm
If you are in Kolkata, please help this initiative through your valuable participation. This is a totally free service by PWS for PWS and their families.


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  1. admin 9 years ago

    Good luck to the people there!!

  2. admin 9 years ago

    go Kolkata go !!!

  3. admin 9 years ago

    i'll try to be there…not sure though


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