Sell the product and Get rid of Stammering!

TISA has brought to light many crack-pots who claim to have a sure cure for stammering. Yes- there are quite a lot of these round the globe. Most of these crack-pots claim to be ex-stammers. We should laugh away at these people. Simply because they are oblivious to the 2/3rd, non-evident side of the stammering iceberg.

In our country we have handful of ‘ex-stammers’ trying to sell their own way of cure. But lately, I came across one ex-stammerer who has gone a step further.

This so-called ex-stammerer was featured in a TV program for his exceptional will-power to overcome his speech problem. The story covered said that he even attempted suicide at a point of time! But now he runs a speech therapy centre to help other PWS. The story covered on the TV program was really inspirational.

Inspired by his story, I contacted him on his yahoo chat id, and wanted to converse with him. I wanted to know how he got the strength to come out of a situation which compelled him to attempt a suicide.

But I was disappointed. The moment I started the conversation, he asked me if I am interested in ‘Network Marketing’. Then he tried to convince me how Network Marketing and practicing it, will help us overcome our Stammer problem. He claimed that if I buy the products of some company, and register for some study programs and talk to people and try convincing them to join the network, I can get rid of the stammering. In the end I realized it was a popular company which is into network marketing. Some readers must have guessed the name of the company by now.

What disturbed me was, this person, who claims to be an ex-stammerer was looking to cash on the desperation of a PWS to cure his stammering. He was shrewd enough to know that a PWS can go to any extent to overcome his stammering. He saw an opportunity to garner members and widen his network, by exploiting the sentiments of a stammerer! Can a PWS do this to other PWS? Is he really a PWS (or ex-stammerer) that he claims to be?


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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes, this is unfortunate. We all have benefited from some or other approach to some extent- from NLP, Vipassana, Toastmaster, SHGs, Singing, Hypnotism, CBT, blowing conchshell to repeating sanskrit shlokas..But we must not insist that 'my path is the only path'. And before we recommend a path to others- we should be sure of our eligibility to do so, rationale of the path (or is it simple irrational?), the cost involved and above all- the uniqueness of the individual. What works for A, may not work for B. etc. etc.
    I think more and more people should share their therapy experiences, so that other PWS dont have to re-invent wheel all over again..Many of us have been duped of our money, time and confidence in others and ourselves.
    Thanks Harish for this valuable sharing!

  2. admin 8 years ago

    well… that's his way to curing stammer, may or may not be applicable for others. That said, it is important for PWS to come out of their own cacoon, and socialize as if there is no tomorrow. the sooner s/he realizes, the better off s/he is. Network Marketing is a not at all a bad idea, because that can rev up the sales man in you. The skills you accumulate during your journey will help on professional and personal front. forgive me if i am sounding critical, but that's just me. ToastMasters is another platform where we can open up. All PWS should discover ways and means to mingle and see their stammer disappear in leaps and bounds.

  3. admin 8 years ago

    I see it as a vicious cycle. PWS don't socialize because they stutter and and they have constant fear of stuttering happening in people. And because they don't socialize they live in their self bound well and stutter more. one of the trick can be to break this cycle. This will need lot of courage and they will have to expect the unexpected, but i guess the effort is worth taking! This can be through network marketing,toastmasters or your inborn ideas.

  4. admin 8 years ago

    This is unfortunate but as most of us are living at such a superficial level that we forget our pains very quickly. Its like when I was in college it was only during vivas that I was very desparate for the solution to my stuttering. This gentleman/woman also seems to have forgotten what it feels like not being able to express himself. However as Dr Sachin said, all of us will have to find our own way in the end adn this may or may not be that way 🙂


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