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Fifth Day (24th June 2010)- Students were intelligent and teacher was diligent- so we finished ten day course in five days 🙂 There were other pressures too. So, on the last and fifth day- we reviewed the goals set by the participants- for their subsequent growth as communicators and human beings: the things they will do on return. We also discussed what will happen most likely when they return to their regular environment- and how to cope with tendency of “sliding back”. We also worked with Vinay a young boy of about 14- exploring creative ways of helping him to verbalise and feel more accepted. At present he speaks in mono-syllables, when hard pressed, and just “yes” or “no”.. We did video review of different speaking styles helping us to broaden our understanding of what is normal, acceptable and good from audience perspective etc.

Later, we did Video interviews and reviewed them. After lunch we dispersed.
In a feedback session- we discussed:
1. If participants are used to fast learning in a workshop setting (for example if they happen to be Lecturer, B-Tech student or MBA etc.), workshop should be just 3-5 days duration with a second follow up module after few months.
2. Students should return and start self help groups- so that whatever they have learned, gets strengthened and they get chance to practice the skills.
3. Participants, with support from TISA, should organise similar workshops in their cities. TISA should just provide free facilitation and content.

Students have been given author invitation to the blog. Look out for their snippets and insights here.


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  1. rahul 8 years ago

    congratulations for completing the 10 day course in 5 days………….if we can do this then curing stammering is nothing….

  2. Vijay Kumar 8 years ago

    good sir


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