WHILE SPEAKING CONCENTRATE ON YOUR THOUGHT INSTEAD OF SPEECHWe PWS make a mistake of putting too much attention on our speech while talking instead of thought process which is very much required for a continuous speeech flow. Further we should remember following 3 steps while having a dialogue:1.Before speech we should have a feeling that either we are going to take help or extend help to the listener. In fact these are the only two situations,2.During talk we should have a feeling of love at heart,3. After we finish the conversation we should have a feeling of goodness irrespective of any blocks,Above process works. Kindly give a try.jasbir sandhu from chandigarh.


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  1. Sachin 9 years ago

    Dear Jasbir
    These are very good reminders. If the heart is full of positive emotions, 90% of the problem will melt away; Fera is one common underlying denominator in all kind of stammering- Love is the best antidote to "Fear".
    Great! Keep on sharing your thoughts..

  2. Anonymous 9 years ago

    Dear Mr.Jasbir

    Your comments are quite logical and helpful .
    Always stammering is in mind , not in body .And this blog is really really helpful to get confidence ..
    Great work Sachin ,,

    Anuj delhi-

  3. admin 9 years ago

    Hi Jasbir,

    I agree with you… Most of the time we stutter primarily because we think we are going to stutter… If we are able to eliminate such anticipations then half the battle is won… And because of this, we forget to add a significant ingredient… speaking with love…

    Keep posting such posts… looking forward to your next one…

  4. admin 9 years ago

    Jasbir, that's a very good thought. expressing yourself with love can leave a gratifying feeling in you 🙂
    Because, in that case, you are loving yourself as you are (with stutter). On the other hand, a grumpy feeling can create conflict within you, that does not bode well for your well-being.


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