Chennai SHG 18th July 2010

Dear Friends,
The Chennai chapter held on 18th July were attended by 9 PWS including 2 new one. Every one talked about their past experiences for about 10 min. IT PWSs are sharing their day to day office problem with each other.

3 PWS told a story each. (Story telling with modulation is the toughest one for any PWS and if they succeed, they were as good as overcome 95% of their stammering).

I usually never taught about speech therapy unless asked by a PWS, as I feel it would help only in short run.

I request all the PWS to concentrate the following 3 Techniques
so that it really help which are given below for the benefit of others SHGs.

1. PWS are always trying to speak fast which can be controlled by slow reading for about 30 min every day.
2. Generally PWS are shallow breathers. A calm and normal person breaths about 15 to 17 times in a minute, whereas a PWS will breath around 20 to 25 times. This can be controlled by deliberately slow breathing (whenever and wherever we find time like standing in a Q, travelling, free time in the office etc. There is a natural rule that if you do anything deliberately for 21 days, it will come to you automatically after 21 days.
3. Then PWS tends to think faster than others. Whenever they find time they should think deliberately slowly some positive thoughts like, I am very happy, I am speaking well, etc.

This will help in the long run.

That’s all from Chennai chapter,

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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Psychology behind Yoga believes that there is a mysterious connection between breathing and thoughts. If you control breath- you can control your thoughts (speed and content). This is why Brahmavidya, Vipassana etc. -they all deal with breath in one form or the other..
    Now, the challenge is- for most of us breathing has become an unconscious habit. This is why we need a proper system like Vipassana or Brahmavidya or other disciplines to REGAIN control over our breathing…
    TISA strongly supports such initiatives..They are free, wholesome, not driven by "commerce", have a sound underlying theory and quite accessible..


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