3rd Day, 4th ComWS

Lot of challenges for Lalit and Ajai today. For sachin too! After some question and answers, and practice of hard Vs soft blocks – they were taken to a meeting going on about disaster preparedness on the same floor. They had to stand in front of about 30 people and introduce themselves. Both did well. Then off to OPD we went, where they stood at the head of the hall and introduced themselves in increasingly louder volumes, while observing various speech goals. Some more bouncing with strangers i the hospital: where is Khidaki number terah? etc.

Then, after lunch, we all went to the school where we all shared our stories with children in an interesting and creative way; then, Ajai and Lalit made the children play some fun games: Chor-sipahi and relay race. In these games, the challenge was to first make restless children understand the rules satisfactorily. This can be a communication challenge for anybody, not just PWS.

Later, in the evening, we went to a shopping mall where increasingly difficult interveiws were organised with stragenrs; different speech goals were assigned. Subsequently during debriefing each of these events were discussed- so that everyone could know what they have to focus more in future. We finished by 8 pm. It was a long hectic but rewarding day. One of the lessons learned was: as long as we dont go to Agra and walk around Taz-mahal, we will have many questions and doubts. Once you go there and stand in presence of majestic Taz, all the questions melt away. In other words, knowing many techniques and concepts is pretty useless until you actually check them out, ie. practice them in (as close as possible to) real life situations.


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    yes, Seems like a long and fun filled day for all. I really like the pose in last pic 🙂

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Quite long and hectic day indeed, but success tastes sweeter after getting exhausted in doing what you like. I especially like one of the last lines
    "Once you go there and stand in presence of majestic Taz, all the questions melt away". Very True.

    Thanks Sachin!

  3. admin 8 years ago

    this is how we can face our fear..thank you for sharing Dr sachin…:)


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