Day 6 – Pune – 14th Oct

We got ready for the second phase of the workshop starting tomorrow: Friday. Raja was coming from Hyderabad and his accommodation had to be planned. Devang and team was able to get accommodation for him at Infy campus itself, which in retrospect, seemed an achievement! One thing is becoming obvious: help is often available for ASKING! May be we dont believe this and as a consequence, dont even try. “You get, what you desire; you desire what you consider possible!”

Some of the Infy participants were surprised when they began getting permission to use all this infrastructure for asking. The next challenge would be to spread the message to different branches of Infosys in the form of small conferences and workshops..and for that we should consider some participants of this workshop, to act as facilitators.

In the evening, Anshul came and we discussed how wives can be meaningfully roped in as “speech buddy”: they can help in speech practice assignments and later offer objective feedback. Above all, when we have shared our “little dark secret”, communication and even relationship with spouse acquires a lightness and things improve..

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  1. admin 9 years ago

    roping in spouses/girlfriends seems to be a nice idea, but i am cynical honestly about the possibility.

    Infy seems to be upholding its reputation on an employee centric organization. kudos to the HR and mgmt.


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