The Few Important Things

Hi everyone

i have Just cleared my first round of IBM.Now waiting for Second/final round.But i am not thinking about the result.I am just thinking that i will do my best & Could say whatever i want to say without any skipping 🙂

i am observing few things from past few months which i want to share with all of u :

1. The most imp thing : Feel the embarrassment when u stammer in front of others(there are two ways to understand this).It will give you the courage to fight again the stammering.You will think desperately to come out from stammering.Because if you don’t feel the embarrassment you will not try to come our from it.

i m giving my friend’s example here:

He has also stammering problem.He didn’t feel the embarrassment in his life & its Ok but you can’t say its good because he didn’t try to come out from it.He just compromised with his life.

2. If you go to any interview.Just tell the interviewer that you have stammering problem.Also tell him/her that how you are fighting against it.Every employer likes the ppl who want to face challenges.They are looking for the fighters and you are the One.

3. Say thanks to the God everyday that you are a stammerer.Because you have the one thing that most of normal persons don’t have. It’s positive view for life.Stammering gives you a different view to live the Life.With dare to live life with Struggle.

4. Don’t think about the others that what they think about you.Everyone wants the accompany of those kind of ppl who have the positive thinking.Who like to face the problems & have the fighting sprite.

5. Be open with stammering.Whenever & wherever you get the chance ,tell the others about your experiences.It will help you to think broad & come our from your Jone.

6.The last but not the least : Faith on God.It will really help you to think Positive in every situation.

Soyez heureux 🙂

Vaibhav Talegaonkar


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Vaibhav..Congrats for the first round.Go with the same attitude in second round too and leave the rest on god..thanks for these cool advices..:-).

  2. admin 8 years ago

    very well said Vaibhav. you sound like a saint, yet so practical. thanks. we should meet some time, what say?

  3. Vaibhav Talegaonkar 8 years ago

    thanks a lot
    @Manohar:why not.We can meet on any sunday.


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