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This reply from Windstorm was so honest, humble and powerful, that I am taking the liberty of pasting it here. Honesty is a power by itself. If you can be this honest with yourself, I am sure you can cure “stuttering mindset” much sooner than you think, with no external help..
This reply was in question to: why did windstorm not declare to the interviewer that he stammered..

” I did not declare to the interviewer that I stammer because of the following reasons possibly.

I thought if I would stammer during interview then interview would surely know it. And if I would not stammer then it would be just a normal interview.

Also, if I would have declared that I stammer then it would not have been favourable as I was applying for teacher’s post which requires dynamic speaking skills. Also, my declaration of stammer may force interviewer to talk about my stammering which MAY trigger my stammering.

Or may be that I did not have the guts in declaring my stammer upfront.

There could be possibly many more reasons. I can’t exactly point out a specific reason for it.

But, these were just my personal thoughts and opinions. And frankly speaking , I did not have the feeling of acceptance towards stammering at that time.

But things are not same for me today. I’m trying my best to change my mindset and develop more acceptance and positivity towards my stammering. And to some extent, I have been successful in doing it.


Dear Windstorm, such clear insights are truly rare at a young age! I am impressed. Keep moving in this direction..You are almost THERE!

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  1. WindStorm 8 years ago

    Thank you, sir for bestowing your trust in me and giving me the bags full of inspiration. It means a lot , when it comes from a noted international personality like you.


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