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hello everyone,i’m here to share my today’s day experience…..i went to some shops to practice voluntary stammering….first,i intentionally stammer on few words..then,suddenly i got few blocks,from which i came through using bouncing…it takes my confidence level up…it didn’t let my emotions to fill with negative thoughts like shame,guilt as it used to be during old days… i’m bringing my stammering in open and in a way of accepting myself as a stammerer….later in evening,i downloaded a book “ADVICE TO THOSE WHO STUTTER”…it is a book written by stammerers…really,it is a very nice book for us..i recommend it for all PWS…i need ur valuable comments on it.


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    good going !!!! I am also ur age (20),I am also taking steps towards achieving fluency,i recommend you (and all other pws in that regard) to read "Redifining Stuttering" by John C Harrison ,it is a big book (more than 650 pages ),i have read like 200 pages,best book i have read so far which deals wid the emotional aspects of stuttering,worth a read !!!!!

  2. WindStorm 8 years ago

    Hello Mr. Rajesh,

    The stuff that you've written , clearly helps me to conclude that you're on the right path.

    Keep it up and I'm sure you'll really enjoy this way.


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