The King’ Speech effect on “Aam Admi”

Aa..hh..Another topic about the “The Kings Speech”.
Well.. read on…
As many knows.. infact all of us knows;  The Kings Speech has notched the top awards in this year acedamy awards. It has been praised by Critics all over the world in showing the King Georage VI stuttering, his friendship with speech therapist, the problems & also the solution (curable using good therapist).
But, how does it brought a change in the “Aam Admi” mindset ?? I see hardly any change…This is the review quote by one of the Critic “Watching a full-length feature film about King George VI’s speech impediment may not seem like the most exciting thing to do on a Friday evening.” However, he later summed up as “Dramatically filmed and proudly wearing a badge of self-importance, The King’s Speech is one of the most sumptuous films you’ll see”.

But my question (?) is how many have seen it apart for stammers or their relative or may be their friends. In my case apart of me, none of the my friends (Non – Stammers) have seen the movie. Well, the reason may be “me (A stammerer)” being one of the friend (OR) [Actual Reason] since movies are for entertainment and TKS has no adventure (Like 127 hrs, thts also a True Story) nor Fiction (like Inception, a awesome movie)…

Some people (only a few) are watching/downloading it since it’s a Oscar winner. This fact have thought me to believe that hardly anyone caring for the Stammering and its difficulties… (OR) should they ? Still, number of people downloading “G 3” in India is more than TKS….

I would just like to ask how many your friend have watched the movie without your recommendation or how many have them recomended you the movie to watch. In my case the answer is ZERO for all the question. I am also not recommending as many seems to ignore it 🙁
Please provide your input..


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    I look at the movie – "King's speech" as a great beginning. Also it shows you what a determined stammerer (David Seidler, the script writer) can do! At least due to this movie, I can see a lot of articles in the media about stuttering and we are talking about IT!

  2. Anonymous 8 years ago

    I second you. Even when I talk to my about friends about movie, they show indiffrence..

  3. admin 8 years ago

    I think its nice they show indifference,I dont want anybodys sympathy that I stammer,I think we pws start to identify ourselves with our stammer when in reality its just a small part of us,no one cares in this world that you stammer,a person makes you your friend because he sees the person which you are on the inside and does not see your stammer at all !!!! well thats what has been my experience,it may not be true for everybody !!!!

  4. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Well if thts the case…then, we always talk about the movie? Why we always think it has provided a platform where stammering can be taken as positive… And then why bother about "Golmaal 3" also if thts the case ? JP also told he can see many articles about stammering due to this movie …

  5. admin 8 years ago

    See I am totally agreeing with you (maybe I need to improve my english),I am not saying that I dont like TKS,but the fact that the world is full of wonderful people who dont see your stammer but look how you are on the inside,sure there are a few jerks(like golmaal 3 people)who look for cheap humor or fun but we shouldnt label the whole world like that.I believe people are indifferent because they dont see a pws as a different person.Sure as rockford rightly pointed out that in his case no one ever discussed about it but tell me one thing How many people made fun of you after seeing golmaal 3 ????? The answer in my case is zero !!!!So what I am trying to say is that people show indifference bcoz it is not a big deal to them(it is to us for sure as it us who have to struggle)and we shouldnt be sad about the 99%who didnt get affected but be happy by the 1% who did.As JP sir rightly said-Its a great beginning !!!!!!

    PS-Atleast tell us your name bro

  6. admin 8 years ago

    Hey frirends thanks for feedback.
    @JP: Yup, its is new begining and I hope to see more such movies/documentaries.

    @Anonymous: Thks, for accepting my thought and also sharing your thought.

    @Dhruv: Thks, for your reply. Well, people (Only one person to be very frank whom I considered good friend) was watching "Golmaal 3" & laughing at the cheap comedy when I stepped into his room. I realized the situation and got out from thr immediately :). As you said.. "People show indifference bcoz it is not a big deal to them" is in fact perfect.

    @ALL: Yesterday, i was watching "MTV Roadies 8" audition. I person called Sujit came and he has speech difficulty. However, u may not notice during the interview as it is edited. You can see Raghu and Rajiv says .. "S***a tu Haqlata hai.. thik se bol nehi paata…". But @end Raghu made a statement which I liked the most. "Excuses and Success don't go Hand-In-Hand". He rightly said. We should be bold enough to take the challenge and do what we feel is good not what society feels whts good. Infact, the guy got selected. They told him your are a fighter and fearless but u should not do to impress people..

    Disclaimer: I am not his (Sujit) friend or anythg. I just liked his interview and Roadies interviewer take on him 🙂

    I am still waiting for Sachin sir input. 🙂


  7. admin 8 years ago

    I think all of us miss an important side of the story! It is a natural human tendency NOT to like their own self! So, leave aside for how world is treating pws (people who stammer)and just look at how a pws is treating himself/herself or for that matter other pws! The world is just a mirror!!

  8. rahul 8 years ago

    people say dat dey dont care about stuttering….but in dis world especially in work places were rigid hr rules r present….its very hard for a stammerer 2 cope..people do gv a shit wen u r facin a intrvw n u stammer…n wen u r upfront about it …people thnk u r givin an excuse…so evn though tck s gud…it wont help in newau accordin 2 me

  9. Sachin 8 years ago

    Dear Rockford
    I welcome not just TKS, but Front of the class, My left foot, Brokeback mountain and many other movies- which broaden our horizon and our sympathies. By learning more about Autism, Tourrette syndrome etc.- we do no FAVOR to people suffering from these conditions- but we do a GREAT favor to ourselves; our inner growth.
    As JP said, this is just a beginning point..of a long journey. Should I not go on this journey, because Shyam and Prabhu are not coming along?
    Why? I will go on my journey- and let them go on their journey..

    Sorry for the belated remark: I was in remote villages near Leh. Now, in Kargil..

  10. admin 8 years ago

    @Rahul: At interview everyone has faced the same situation. Do watch the movie "Front of the Class". It motivates and increases inner strength.

  11. admin 8 years ago

    @Sachin Sir:
    Yes Sir. It does broaden the horizon. I got lost an important point from the movie which u reminded me.. "…we do a GREAT favor to ourselves; our inner growth."

    Sir, your journey quote reminded me Tagore words "Jodi Tor Dak Shune Keu Na Ashe, tobe Ekla Cholo Re"
    Thks for the comment.

  12. rahul 8 years ago

    now to me….i thnk dat da only way to crack a interview is by trying not to stammer n to be some1 else…whch as da king did in tck….maybe after dat it wil be much easier

  13. admin 8 years ago

    "TKS" movie has a great impact on a certain section of society ..yes its the PWS community itself.In my opinion A stutterer first himself should get inspire and motivate from this movie before worrying about any third person.Why are you waiting for the fluent aam admi to watch this movie and show sympathy.Its a dog eat dog word no one have time to think on others problems. We first need to change our mindset towards stammering only them we can see something good in eyes of aam admi towards us.

    This movie helps to open the door for many people who are/were covert stutters and are in challenging jobs like media and journalism to speaking out about their stutter (Now this is happening in western countries).

    These small baby steps are the milestone in our journey.

  14. Anonymous 8 years ago

    In India,hardly few people have watched this movie. Nothing going to change here.
    We need movies like "Tare Jamin Par" who saw our daily life.
    I would like to know about protest of TISA on Golmaal 3. What happened finally?

  15. JD 8 years ago

    @rockford:i too saw the sujit interview and was very happy to see somebody who stammers have the courage to go into roadies….and it was good that the judges treated him well…and selected him…


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