Is Vipassana only for speech improvement ???????

Dear All PWS,

Its my 1st post here on TISA blog.As we all must have heard “Vipassana Meditation” a number of times here on tisa blog & also on website.Even Dr.Sachin have also mentioned remarkable improvement in his speech after undergoing a Vipassana meditation camp.
Although i have TISA in this month only, but as i have been searching remedies for my stammering since a long time.So i have also attended a Vipassana Meditation camp Macleodganj,Near dharamshala in himachal pradesh almost 2 yrs back in april,2009.
Need not to say, it was one of the best experience i have in my life till date.Vipassana meditation is redeveloped by Gautam Buddha almost 2500 yrs back.Vipassana means to see the things as they are.It teaches us to be in the present moment only without mourning past or anticipating future.
No doubt,Vipassana meditation can rectify all the problems developed due to mental agitation & stammering also comes in that category.But imporvement in stammering would be a byproduct only if somebody sincerely practise Vipassana.
Vipassana as a whole is much more than just a mere tool for improvement in speech.So, we must not consider Vipassana Meditation just for the speech improvement.As in that case, we may not encounter the real Vipassana experience.
Vipassana is “the way of Living” its not a cure for any Mental/Physical ailment.
I would finish with a saying of gautam Buddha……..
Don’t mourn the past or anticipate future troubles, just live in the present moment with full awareness -Gautam Buddha

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  1. admin 8 years ago

    Dear ashish,
    stammering is much associated with over consciousness about this speech impediment…
    In fact,stammering has given us a chance as wel to attain a peaceful mind..through vipassana,we are trying to calm down our feelings,emotions…so with Vipassana our consciousness over stammering is reduced ,and it helps us a lot to be more happy with what we are !

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Right you are. When mind is sorted out, other things- relationships, attention, communication, productivity- everything gets sorted out as side effect..
    BUT, you must sit down for regular meditation AFTER vipassana course..
    Keep sharing..

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Very right said Ashish

  4. Anonymous 8 years ago

    yes it is right vipassana helps more.

  5. Anonymous 8 years ago

    Can anybody describe about vipassna? How much time one should devote daily for that?

  6. admin 8 years ago

    @Kumar Kundan, You are quite right Kundan.

    As trying to control the stammering, i have come across some of the most b'ful experiences of my life.I would be debited to stammering for the same.

    @anonymous, plz check the website to know more about Vipassana meditation camps allover the world


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