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Here’s a suggestion coming… Since TISA is a support group, it would be great if members could convey their availability (time and date) on particular days when they can afford to speak to some of other PWS across the country.
Many a times we have experiences, thoughts and opinions which we may hesitate to discuss with our parents or even friends, but would want to discuss it with fellow PWS. Or it may just be an attempt to come forward and talk to a freind who can relate to us with an ease. May be we could have a separate page on TISA blog, with a link on the right-hand-side, or even regular posts, where members can post the date, time (from and to), whether available on phone / skype / yahoo / gtalk messengers and contact details for contact.
Thanks Rahul for suggesting this idea…

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Hmm- very valid suggestion!! Some kind of 24 hrs helpline?
    I personally do attend to many calls over the week- but obviously we need to have a better and bigger system of offering counseling over phone/ web- staffed by more than one volunteer, with good counseling skills.

    Hmm…I am waiting for TISA Techies (Nitin/JP) to come up with some intelligent system..

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Dear Rahul- while the techies sort it out- you are welcome to phone JP, me, Nitin and any of the chapter coordinators, whose numbers are given under the cities at website and at blog.. If they are busy, they will let you know when to call again.. Many are doing this..with me, at any rate.

  3. rahul raut dessai 7 years ago

    thanx Dr. sachin for your invitation.


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