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  1. admin 8 years ago

    The top officials & major james, both have different responsibilities/aspirations & their own point of views towards this situation.

    Let me explain one by one.

    1.) From major James point of view – Army of any conutry used to be very disciplined & integral part of that country.Army seldom compromise with their standards while selecting soldiers at any level.So, as Major James had been selected as an officer of army confirms what he said about his stammering(that he is able to maintain struggle free speech even in most stressful conditions). Also ha have raised to the ranks of "MAJOR".So he must be a very good soldier meeting all the standards of Australian army.

    Also Famous stammerers like Winston Churchill had lead england victorious during second world.So, his point seems justified that he should have been given the opportunity to lead the army team to afganistan mission.

    Top officials point of view –

    Army is one of the most important pillar on which existence of a country resides.So, if they feel that Major james may not be suitable candidate for that mission, due to his lack of flawless speech; they observed it while few briefings given by Major james.Then, considering a question of safety of hundreds of soldiers to be deployed & success of the mission, i may not blame the charge of discrimination on them.

    I think "Acceptance" also implies to accept such type of discrimination, based on mass issues without any personal intentions.

  2. Sachin 8 years ago

    Yes- acceptance means accepting the whole "Package" – and learning to deal with it objectively and effectively..


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