Are we spreading sorrowfulness ?

I heard some where & fully agreed to it based on my personal experience that – generally people (including me, off course) used to discuss /publicize their problems, limitations, sorrowfulness more often than their cheerful & happy moments.

Same applies to us when we seems so desperate to share our bad experiences related to our negative emotions towards stammering.We seeks some immediate guidance,sympathy during those moments of restlessness.
In all the posts here at TISA blog or facebook status of various PWS, there are significant ones where PWS have shared there bad experiences/feelings due to stammering, but the number squeezes to almost in single digits where someone shared his cheerful moments due to their stammering.
Who so?
Should not we must observe or face the negative emotions alone to melt them without disturbing others?
Should not we share each & every small moment of cheer & happiness (at least related to stammering) to each & every PWS to make them feel well?

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    When people share their pain online- it helps them heal internally. Not being able to tell anyone, things which bother us- creates many more serious problems. Google "shame stories" and see the kind of things people are sharing online..just because it helps. Of course, it is not good to dwell on it. Most people are able to move on, once they have been able to unburden their mind and heart..

  2. Zeshan Ahmed 7 years ago

    i think we should say everything which is in our mind…. it gives us more relax. no doubt it sorrow moments or our happy moments…


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