Words are always beautiful!

Sometime I think why
some words are so ugly that they can’t even pronounced properly. I hated some
words because they are terrible to speak. But some time I liked them when they
came fluently but..why ?? Words are words! They always same. Words are always
beautiful. I am an covert stammer(still I m) and hated to disfluency. I not
only hate of mine disfluency but also of others; who stutters in front of mine.
Is it is so bad that we should hate it? Who says it is bad? Only stammers people
of my own type say this; because for us, speech is only a worthy thing in this
world. When I start to work on acceptance, sharing my problem with others.
Believe me! I didn’t get a single one who says it is bad. Everyone made by god
is unique. Everyone given some sort of problem by birth. Good people never respond
negative; if they it means they want to hide their own problem.
                   I want to share my
experience with words. I mostly get block on words that start with vowel
sounds. Few days back; I went to the stationary book store. I wanted to buy an “Envelop”
from the shop. I opened my mouth; try to speak out the word but word stuck
somewhere in throat. Then I remembered the technique like bouncing or something
else. But what the hell was happening with me. I could not even speak with
them. At last I have to replace my word Envelop to Lifafa. I got depressed. I know
all the techniques but still can’t implement them in real life. What I am
learning? But after talking to my motivators; I got my answer. I want to
implement any technique at time of difficulty. But I don’t have much experience
to use these techniques in lighter mode. Then how it can be possible?? I hated
words with vowel sounds. Sometime thinks if these vowels are kicked out of
dictionary then it will be perfect! But words are words, they remain always
same. They always beautiful. Only our mind categorized them according to
situation. Learning to deal with this complex,critical mind is needed One thing I have to learn, I will have to love the disfluency of
mine and of others.  Words From deep of my

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Perfect piece, highlighting the need for practicing the techniques in normal situations first, before trying them during emergencies..

  2. admin 7 years ago

    very nice…..umesh ur started digging problem soon u will at the root of problem …also able to solve……..keep on writing …u make this blog lively


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