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Now we all return back to our real life. All had a great time in bhubneswar. A tour with full of learning, joy. The first question arises in my mind after returning back is that what I learn from NC, did I learn the techniques, did i satisfied myself from being a part of TISA?
The answer is “yes” I learn how I make happy to myself with stuttering.
Before joining TISA, i am helpless, immature guy regarding stammering. I was always thinking that I am the only lonely person in this planet, but I was totally wrong.
I meet some great personality (Dr sachin, Jp sir, Elaine, Mahapatra, Manimaran sir,Raja sir) who already achieved something in his/her life. They are not a celebrities, superstar, but they now became ideal, inspired person for me. There are also lots of stories I heard from different people. All are “heart crying stories”. So for all.” behind every successful man, there always a sad stories”. We can make these sad stories to happy ending stories. I remember a idiom here..
“What is the cross (*)…it is a minus (-), that turned into a plus (+)”
Life’s happiness can’t controlled by anyone. So just let happiness do their work and we do our work. When we block in some sentence, we do many things to get rid of that “high voltage drama” thus our mindset changes. Here I want to underline a great say by Dr mahapatra…”if your mind changes, then your performance also decreases”. So never let you down  “god help them, who help for himself”. I know I am only saying this, but hope I will strictly follow these things.
The most interesting part of this NC that I noticed, that all are so interactive in nature. All are so desperately waiting to talk to each other. Some of them have little experiences and some having a large experiences regarding stammering. I admire his/her experiences and trying to gain something and live my life liberally.
At last thanks to everyone, who supported me…Thanks TISA !!!

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Great Mohit… I can see you have learned a lot of good things in the NC, and so did we all…

    Keep writing and sharing your learnings and experiences. All the best 🙂

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Yes, Mohit- you are in great company! Our little stories have big meaning- and bigger endings..It is all up to us.. You are on the right path. Keep chugging along no matter what..

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Mohit now you got the path…sooner or later you will got your destiny. Keep trying and no loss in losing. We all with you…keep sharing!!

  4. romi 7 years ago

    Ram Ram Mohit bhaiya aare tum toh stammering ke guru ban gaye ho.Haklatte b ho ek dum pyar se.Patna is lucky 2 have you.


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