Delhi SHG welcomes Nitin, Prabhat and Vikas….

From left Jitender, Ranga, Prabhat, Sinkender Sir, Nitin, Pramendra(Photographer)

We reached to Central Park at 11:00 AM. We had three new members in this meeting Prabhat Srivastav, Nitin Garg, Vikas Ranga(me). Old members were Sikander, Pramindra and Jiternder. The activities we did are as follows:
1. Goal: 
In this activity, everybody has to tell what goal he would keep in his mind while talking so that others can remind him. e.g.: to maintain eye contact, to use bouncing technique etc.
2. Introduction and listening skills:
Firstly we had a brief introduction and after that we did an activity on listening skills because “Good speaker must be a good listener and People who Stammer (PWS) always think about their speech while group discussion so it was necessary”. I like to describe by an example, we were sitting like as shown in picture here. “Person 1” had to tell the intro of any one person and that any one person was decided by “person 2”. Then “person 3” told to “person 2” to tell intro of “person 5″(say).
3. Current Status of Stammering: 
In this activity, everybody had to tell about his current status of stammering. Pramendra said great thing. He said, “My stammering has been increased but its a positive sign”. I would like explain this statement by 4 phases of time as shown below in figure:

%age of Stammering varies person to person

In 1st Phase: You are not following any treatment of stammering, so you are avoiding the situations as well as blocking words. So people are not thinking that you are a stammerer but stammering remains always in your mind in this phase.
In 2nd Phase: You are neither avoiding situations nor blocking words and using the techniques bouncing and prolongation etc., so people will think that you are stammering more but you are feeling more relax. So, physically stammering increasing but mentally decreasing in this phase.
In 3rd Phase: You become master of all techniques and your stammering decreases physically also.
In 4th Phase: You become a normal speaker and they also stammer little bit.
4. Presentation and listening skills: 
Everybody had to present a topic for just 2 minutes and same listening skills activity followed after that. This time each person told name of the topic and asked any question from that topic with same rules.
5. Voluntary Stuttering:
Generally we think that if we’ll stammer in front of people what they think. Then voluntary stuttering is a good option to get answer these type of questions. So, we just moved to people. We stammered and asked what they think while see any stammerer? how to overcome this problem? Voluntary Stuttering is kind a practical stuff not theoretically one which gives you positive thoughts.

It was a great experience for all of us. Hope we will follow all the rules and just chill out!!!!! 🙂


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Superb post, Vikas!!!
    An SHG meeting-minutes can't be described better than this. Liked the graphical representation very much. Keep on sharing your thoughts.

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Hey guys- nice to see all the new faces.. and Sikander too! And the report by Vikas does justice to his academic background!
    Great, keep meeting and keep sharing! and have lots of fun..

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Good going Delhi shg!! I missed the company of new comers. Now my exams are over and hope i will surely attend the upcoming meeting. Really miss u guys!!

  4. admin 7 years ago

    wonderful demonstration..keep writing

  5. admin 7 years ago

    well described post,superb use of pictures..congrats to new member that they learn lot of stammering in just on meeting ..soon we all enter in 4th(final)phase….:-)

  6. admin 7 years ago

    Thanx for these great comments….
    I am still trying hard to get into second phase …..
    Now our focus should be to enjoy the 2nd phase, so spend as much as time u can in 2nd phase …
    Rest of the phases will automatically develop….
    But in 2nd phase you have to enter…

  7. admin 7 years ago

    Congrats Delhi SHG.You are doing great job every month,every week. Hope i will soon join you.
    Superb post by Vikas Ranga.

  8. Naveen Yadav 7 years ago

    hi my name is naveen yadav and i'm 25 years old. i would like to be part of your stammering help group.
    when and where you guys meet. do have fix schedule or something like it.

    i can be reached at :+8750292855

  9. Naveen Yadav 7 years ago

    hi my name is naveen yadav and i'm 25 years old. i would like to be part of your stammering help group.
    when and where you guys meet. do have fix schedule or something like it.

    i can be reached at :+8750292855

  10. admin 7 years ago

    Hey Naveen,
    If you are in Delhi, you can contact to
    Sinkander: 09810654407
    Pramendra: 09654363005

    If you are outside delhi, let me know now. Visit " " also.

  11. admin 7 years ago

    A great demonstration Vikas ji.
    Just loved the way you described the meet.


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