Today I attended my first SHG(self-help group) at herbutpur . It was from 2- 5 pm . I went to herbutpur on my bike (70 km from Yamunanagar). We were all together 8 stammerers ie. Sachin sir , Pawan sir , Ashish singh rawat , Vineet , Mukarram , Amaauddin , Manoj one more and me off course . First of all we had introduction round . After that Sachin sir told that each one of us should share some past incident of our stammering life and along with this we should also tell that what we had learnt from that incident . Each one of us shared his past incident and lesson learned from that . It was a great round we all laughed a lot on hearing incidents of each other .
 Ater that Sachin sir told that we will sing a song all together . we all sang this song together “ETNE SHAKTI HUME DENA DAATA , MAN KA WISHVAS KAMZOOR HONA …“ . After that sachin sir told that each one of us will sing a song individually but if somebody will fail to do that then he will be treating all with Samosas . In the first round of singing everybody did sing a song except me .Actually I wanted to sing the song but the first word was not coming out , I tried a lot but couldn’t & I laughed a lot on seeing myself getting stuck on the very first word of the song . On seeing me laughing all of a sudden everybody started laughing ( not a teasing laugh but enjoying one ) .
It was a really amazing moment we all enjoyed my stammering on the very first word . Sachin sir told that according to his knowledge stammerer do not stammer in song , I said that there is always an exception in every case. Then there was second round of singing , when it was my turn I thought now I should sing a song otherwise ’ SAMOSAS ‘ . I sing the song ‘ GIVE ME SOME SUNSHINE ,GIVE ME SOME RAIN ,GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE WANNA GROW UP ONCE AGAIN ‘ . Everybody gave me a round of applause (thanks to all of them ) . 
After that Sachin sir told that each one us will go to the stage and will be giving his introduction first & then others will ask a question . Everybody did a great job in this round and now it was my turn .I took a deep breath and started my introduction ‘my name is gorav datta , I am from Yamuna nagar . I did my graduation from ma –ma- ma –ma ……..rishi ma-ma-ma-r-kan——de—shhhhhwar . Seeing myself getting stuck I started laughing , and soon everybody was laughing like anything . Sachin sir asked me to repeat the name of your college again ( oh my God again) . I took a deep breath and started speaking the words using prolongation & I was surprised that this time I did really good job and didn’t stammer at all .
Now Everybody was supposed to ask a question from me .Now it was Amaauddin’s turn of asking a question from me he asked that where is ma-ma-ma-ma-…..rishi ma-ma-ma rkand e-e-e-eshwar college and we laughed a lot on this .My college name was not only a problem for me to speak but for other also . At last we played a game called “kho kho “ ( you must be aware of it if not you can use google to learn more about it ). All together we all really enjoyed a lot in today’s SHG , it was really a funny and full entertaining session . After that I had a black tea with Dr Sachin and then left for my home at 5:30 .In between my city and herbutpur there is national park while driving in a National park I realized how come there is so much light on the road because the sun had already set . 
I stopped my bike to find that where is the light coming from . It was MOON actually (oh wow I was seeing moon after a very long time , most of the time I am always worried about my stammering , I never took the time to look around how beautiful the world is ) . Really the view was hypnotizing moon ,clouds , shining stars , mountain and cold air ,sounds of bird coming from the national park . I wanted to spend my whole night there but actually I had to leave .
your friend

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Hey Gaurav u are doing great man.
    And you are right sometimes we re already too preoccupied with our stammering that the whole world doesn't seem to exist for us. And 1 more thing buddy, ur college name is really a dangerous one 🙂 sure.
    And it needs a lot of courage to accept and you are on your way. Wish you best of luck for the next meeting/workshop and keep writing, you are becoming an inspiration
    Tc, GOD bless

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Great! But no need to make me some kind of "Sir"- I feel very "young" and one among you – at heart ! 🙂
    Yes, every now and then stop your "jindagi ki bike" and admire the view, the context- and you will find that there is so much to be thankful about, to admire, to enjoy..

  3. admin 7 years ago

    i am hoping that such meeting should be held in mumbai also mumbai seems to be lacking in such type of meetings, workshop .but there are few peoples in mumbai like romi and prakash who are helping stammerer. i want to request tisa head to organise some meeting and workshop in mumbai also ther are many stammer in mumbai who want tisa help. so please organise some type of meeting and workshop in mumbai also

  4. admin 7 years ago

    Hey Gorav,
    You are going in such a nice direction that I am worrying ki tum kahi pahle thik na ho jayo…… 🙂

    It inspired me a lot, Really feel good to see your blog post.

    Keep writing……..

  5. admin 7 years ago

    Nice Gaurav!! But one thing i noticed that now Hakla start to move fast from right to left. how you did this??

  6. admin 7 years ago

    bahot change dikhai de raha hai bhai tum me..lage raho …manzil mil jayegi ..


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