My Life, My story..

My life of stammering started at 5th Std onwards..
I was
talking fine during 4th std and was my sir used to tell that sanjay was
the best speaker of our class…on english speaking and writing..
After that I don’t know what happened to my tongue…

Till 12 std i used to shutter a lot..and the same usual stories as all are facing in their school life…
I used to get above 90% till 4th and after that It started affecting to my studies also..
Even though when i knew the answer i was not able to answer any of them and use to feel shy that people would laugh at me…

After completing 12th Sci.. i joined college at VallabhVidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat..
There also college life was not that good…
to get good marks in all subjects but staying away form the
thinking that people will know that i stammer and will laugh at me…

After that I joined M.Sc done Part I and while i was doing Part II i dont know what happened to me..
I was thinking why i m studying…as I can give my knowledge to anyone..then there is no use of studying…
My HOD and they all also convinced me a lot..but i didnt pay attention to them…

and I got failed in everytime is used to think if god would
have given this dam thing good i would have conquer the everything…but
that never happened..

After that I started doing job in rajkot and getting talking to everyone my shuttering was becoming less to somewhat 20-25%..

Then after I joined one speech therapist in Anand..he used to charge 1000/- per day..
and i was worried as my parents could bare that much charge so I discontinued…
that i went to my aunty’s house at mumbai..met one medical doctor for
speech therapist..there also money was the same problem..and due to this
i had never joined any speech therapist after that….

I couldnt even tell to my parents about that as they will get
worried..they wanted me to get married…I got married and after that my
shuttering got 50% solved….

Today I am having a kid with 2 yrs
old…but dont know now again the same problem has started and my
stammering is now getting increased instead of getting somewhat less…

My job also is in danger i am bit worried…
I am
working as system administrator…and was handling around about 100+
servers..but due to this i am shifted to hardware dept..where i need to
format the systems..I have done B.Sc (maths), CCNA, MCITP, MCTS,
JCHNP….but all these certificates are of no use to me…

This is the whole story about me…..

I have been 3rd in whole Gujarat in mathematics examination…Gujarat Ganit Mandal Examination
My aim was to do Ph.D in mathematics..and become mathematician..but couldnt do more because of this…

With Regards,
Sanjay Barmeda


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Dear Sanjay,

    The way you have shared your story with such great courage, I am SURE you WILL do PHD and will become mathematician that we all will be proud of. Best wishes.


  2. admin 7 years ago

    feels good if some one has many degrees and the enthusiasm to achieve many more… buddy you have the ability and capabilities to achieve everything..

  3. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Thanks everyone for giving me courage…


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