Herbertpur , 26 March 2012

Today I reached herbertpur around 3:30 pm . I went to Anugrah with Dr Sachin and there I read a poster on which a lot of good thing were written like- – *we should not worry because worry is the least productive activity in the whole life ,- -*Count your blessings including the small one because many smalls blessings together makes a bigger one, –*Do not worring about the things that had happened in the past , now it cannot be change & it’s already gone .Dr sachin asked me to introduce myself in front of the strangers (employee of anugrah) . At 4:15 we were back from anugrah and then we went to do some “Karate” (Dr sachin is black belt and I am black leather belt) . Karate was a new thing to me . It was difficult for me to cope with other students ,even little kids were doing good then me 😛 . After that we went to the market , Dr sachin asked me that there is a homeopathic practitioner and you go to him and a tell him that you stammer and ask him if there is any medicine of stammering , I went to there and told that I am Gorav and I stammer and is there any medicine which could cure my stammering . He told that stammering is not a disease and there is no medicine for it you just need to practice like reading loud and then repeating the word where you stutter, read like you are singing a song etc but I told no there is a medicine in homeopathic I had read in a book at my home , I told him that I will bring that book and then show it to you. He told that yes should bring the book and also he will consult other seniors about this.Then we went to different shops where I had to talk to the shopkeepers and enquire about their products . After that I had dinner and went to bed .


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