What an shg can do for you..

SHG (Self Help Group) is meeting of people who are riding in a same boat. They understand the emotions and feelings of each others very well. In case of stammering, no one else can can feel the same or sense the dilemma that how a stutter feels until he himself doesn’t have it. Basically SHG meeting doesn’t guarantee anyone to cure his speech problem; but it really provide a good atmosphere to everyone to experiment with his speech and face the fear at front. We can share our experience, emotions from deep inside and more big thing is that we can learn and motivate from others a lot. what I feel by my own experience of attending SHGs is that emotional support really plays a big role in recovery. Generally we don’t meet or find anyone same as us in the world around us, but after attending an shg just for two hours; we feel that our pain is not too much; we are not alone; we are not unique. We too can heard by someone; we too can talk and our speech can be appreciated by others; we too can make people laugh by cracking jokes. We enjoy listening the same funny incident which happened earlier to us. An shg can heal us from inside if we make a habit to attend it regularly, Although the process may seem gradually slow but it really helps in long run. 
                    Earlier my thought that I used to stutter and block more after attending shgs and making myself quite open about my stutter, but it made the mental burden almost invisible. Sometime I really stutter like anything bad but still a satisfaction inside heart because I says what I want to. A Feeling of openness; believe in myself and lightness in emotions sensed around me. 
Rather than  stammering SHGs can help you in many other ways of real life like
1. It provide you a lot of other friends to extend your social interaction area.
2. Friends from different state, religions are come together give you many interesting knowledge about their territory. 
3. If sometime you feel low or self-hurted, you can talk to anyone by phone or other media and immediately find a solution.
4. Shg friends are always supportive, you can call them anytime when you need help in their fields.
5. If you start to coordinate an shg then you can develop you own professional skills like managing people and working together in a team.
6. At last, it provide you an opportunity to come out from your comfort zone and meet the outside world. You will really enjoy it if you like traveling and roam to new place like me. 

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    You are beginning to understand..
    You are right – SHG is slow but certain way to help yourself and others..

  2. admin 7 years ago

    Yes Umesh, SHGs bring long lasting and meaningful changes

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Good topic umesh, somewhere SHG makes feel us alive.Through SHG we can overcome our stuttering very quickly.
    Keep sharing.


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