Today I woke in the morning at 6:00 am .Then went for the morning walk with Dr Sachin near wheat field .There I ran a little bit .Then we did some mediation for about an hour along with the gardening, it was difficult for me to do gardening as well as reciting the mantra OM NAMAH SHIVAYE in mind, don’t know how sachin sir do it may he has a lot of experience of meditation. After that I had my breakfast of Aaloo ka parantha then did some preparation for the today Photoshop class.At 10:30 I went to take the Photoshop class with Dr sachin and taught them few tips of grouping, history panel etc. Along with that I also shared with them my experience for Shimla trip (about toy train , difficulty in asking or enquiring for the tickets).They also gave advice that its ok/ fine to write it down when you are not able to speak at all. After that I went to the market to fix the puncture of my bike .I had to go to 3 shops to get my work done. After that I had my lunch and took some rest. At 4:00 pm I went for karate .Today I was beaten up by a young girl who was may be 16 year old .Actually she was brown belt and I am white belt. After karate I went to the market to buy some medicine and coffee powder. My dentist had sms me today that she had postponed my appointment, first I thought I should reply her through sms (as I used to do earlier) but today I somehow called her and talk to her (it was difficult to speak, though I had told her on the very first day that I stutter, she is very understanding but yet it was very difficult to speak – I was able to speak only in yes / no) After that I had a long talk with Mrs sachin and then went for my dinner and sleep

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Keep at it Gourav. Sincere work and good intentions always make live easier both is mind and in reality!


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