Attendees: Dinesh(The Co-ordinator), Anand, Chandan, Dinesh kumar, Jitu, Karthik, Mayank(New), Ramesh(New), Rohit, Sairam, Tanoy, Upasana(Myself).
Thought of the meeting: Work more than others, Expect less than others. As in “The GITA”, it is said that “Karma karte raho, phal prapti ki ichha mat rakno.”

This was Sunday and we Bangalorean PWS attained another great meeting. This time we all sat in a roundly manner side by side, and we gave our introduction one by one. We all got enough time to represent ourselves. And we all had to tell about our stammering and feeling about it in our intro.
1st Chandan gave their intro and he was really pretty calm in his speech.
Then its Mayank, he was new to the meeting but still he managed his speech so well.
3rd it was time for Anand to give their speech. He fumbled in some words very heavily but he had the courage to explain about his life so frankly.
Then Rohit, he is so well in his speech. He shared some great experience about his speech practice. He practices the main problematic word mainly when he is in bike. According to him that’s the best place to practice.
Then time came for Dinesh, the co-ordinator. He shared all his good and bad experience about his stammering. He also told about the technique he followed which is none other than just try to speak more when you get chance. If you have knowledge what you speak then no body can deny with that and all will listen what you tell for sure… It’s really true…
Now it’s me. Today I got more blocks while initiating my speech. But I stopped and restart my sentences or words with proper air. Some how I manage to finish my speech properly.
Then its time for Karthik. He was managing his speech so well with a slow rate manner. Really slow speaking helps a lot.
Then time came for Jitu. He was really well in his speech. He also told lots of things about his thinking about stammering. One best thing is now a day he is not thinking about his stammering at all. This is really a very good thing to focus on our mind rather than stammering.
Then its time for a new member named Ramesh. Initially he got blocks but he managed his speech so well and completed it successfully.
Now its Tanoy’s turn. He is pretty good in his speech and managed so well with a smiling face.
  Turn came for Smiling Sairam. He was just good in managing slow speaking from start to last. He also told about his everyday slow reading practice which helps him to maintain a proper rate.
Again time came for Dinesh kumar. He wrote down the key words which he had to speak and he was very good in his speech without any secondary behaviour. He is really improving week by week. And his explaining style was just amazing.
Then we all took two minutes break, in which we share everybody’s contact numbers.
And Dinesh assigned the next meeting task to each and every present member.
Now its time for some doing some fun activity. We played a game in which we all got single chance in which we had to do the thing saying by other player. The main thing was we can’t deny from that thing. Whether we aware or not but still we had to do at least for a try.. Which was really good and full of fun.
By this we said bye to all members with a smile and waiting for next Sunday to see again.. J
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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Beautiful meeting, it seems. Great write up! Keep it up, friends..

  2. Ramesh Sharma 7 years ago

    Next week, I will try to speak more…
    Today, I realized Now I have to concentrate more n more on my problems…
    and i will give more time to solve my weakness n problems.


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