Bangalore SHG Meet up July 29, 2012 report

Attendees – Mayank, Sairam, Rohit,
Pradeep, Karthik, Jeetu, Chandan, Alok, Dinesh kadam, Anubhu,
Praveen, Nishil, Chandra Shekhar, Thenaralu, Dinesh And myself
                 Today was another great meet up with
16 attendees, highest number so far in Bangalore SHG :). We decided to go with
formal and toastmasters style meet up today. We assigned role of
‘Timer’ (for keeping track of time), ‘Grammarian’ (for keeping track
of grammar related mistakes by speakers) and ‘Counter’ (for keeping
track of Ummm, actually, I mean etc sounds and helping words) to 3 participants.

                 We started with prepared speeches.
Chandan, Chandra Shekhar and Dinesh Kadam gave prepared speeches.
Jeetu, Karthik and Mayank were assigned role of evaluators for
evaluating prepared speeches given by participants. 
                  After that we had ‘Table
Topic’ session for the first time in Bangalore SHG meet up. In table
topic session one has to speak for 2-3 minutes to the random question
asked. Some of questions asked were
(a) How long you want to live and why ?
(b) How and for what do you spend your
money ?
(c) Which was the last book you read ?
                 Table topic session was really good.
We stammer a lot when some one asks question all of sudden and
encountering this situation in SHG will really help us. After that we
had 5 minutes break and started with 2 minute introduction of all
                  In last Mr Timer, Mr grammarian and Mr A Counter gave reports of all participants speeches. Meet up ended with beautiful songs by
Karthik, Dinesh Kadam and Rohit and agenda for next meet up. See you guys on Aug 5.

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Nice meeting. We can say it SHG-Cum-toastmaster club.

  2. Table Topics 7 years ago

    Great Table Topic questions! Particularly like “How long you want to live and why?” While it is quite a deep question, it still gives the person answering the option of giving a funny answer instead i.e. I might want to live long enough to see England win the World Cup, in which case I might live forever!

    It is also great that you have musicians and take time to enjoy live music at the end of the meeting. Do you have food? I might come over!


  3. admin 7 years ago

    Nice to see a Toastmaster kind of events.
    Great going bros 🙂 Keep it Up 🙂



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