The most vital Vitamin => Vitamin-M

Today’s session was graced by 3 ladies: Upasana(head of TISA
women’s wing!), Jaita, and Hema.
The gentlemen who attended were: Sairam, Jitu, Rohit,
Chandan, Dinesh Kadam, Chadrashekar, Pramod, Abhinav, Pravin and Myself.

Today we decided to talk about most vital “VITAMIN – M”!!

Today’s discussion was all about Vitamin M (Money) => Savings, investments, insurance etc.

We began the session by singing our National Anthem “Jana
gana mana”.

After this, we discussed about  Savings Vs Investment, Term Plan Vs LIC, PF Vs
PPF Vs VPF, Mutual Funds, real estate, shares, Risky  Vs Non-Risky investment etc.

We discussed how important  it is to avoid spending recklessly
and start doing some investments – earlier
the better.

After very interesting discussion on investments we had few
patriotic songs from Rohit, Dinesh Kadam, Pravin and Pramod. Rohit sang “Saare
Jahan se accha”, Dinesh sang “Jaha daal daal pe Sone ki” Pravin sang “Dil diya
hai jaan bhi deenge” and Pramod sang a melodious Sanskrit song.

Later we had sharing’s by everyone which was very
hilarious.  Amidst all this we had a fantastic,
thought proving speech by Pramod on Human behaviour.

We wound
the day intimating everyone that Vishal Shah from Coimbatore has organised a “Land
Mark Education” introduction session next Sunday – Aug 26 at Bangalore SHG. We
are thankful for that. Volunteers from Land mark education would come and give
the introduction about  the program. This is not about Stammering Cure
but about living life in a “Powerful” and “Fulfilling” manner.  This is what had turned Vishal Shah from being
a “victim” to becoming an Entrepreneur. Mind
you, he still stammers like every one of us, but he is an altogether different person
from inside.

It is high time that we go beyond speech therapies and gain
wider experience from OTHER programs like Vipassana, Landmark etc. Ultimately,
this wider experience will help us deal the problem at hand effectively.


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    It is true that life is not all about stammering only.. there are many other things by which we can manage our LIFE as well as stammering effectively….
    Well scripted…. :):)

  2. Ramesh 7 years ago

    Nice meeting.
    I Want to attend all the meeting but not getting time specially on sunday 🙁
    I will try to attend next meeting anyhow 🙂

    please join this group and help some other stammering people-


  3. Sachin 7 years ago

    Congratulations Upasana, Hema, Jaita and all of you in B'lore SHG!
    I am very happy about the developments..
    No social change is complete, till women participate in it on EQUAL footing, this is my deepest conviction.
    Girls, Dont just grace the meeting- take it over!

    Vishal- I am impressed! Carry on your mission..

  4. admin 7 years ago

    Three ladies in a SHG meeting. This is a new record as per my knowledge. Can you also write a post about – "Savings Vs Investment, Term Plan Vs LIC, PF Vs PPF Vs VPF, Mutual Funds, real estate, shares, Risky Vs Non-Risky investment etc.". Many of us would be benefited by the knowledge 🙂

  5. lashdinesh 7 years ago

    Thank you everyone!
    We will have a discussion on Investments in Coorg also!!! This is very important!

  6. Sudheendran 7 years ago

    Very sad to see SHG being used for marketing Landmark


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