Pune SHG august 19th

Pune shg was conducted on 19th August. But the
strength of members was less as it was raining heavily in pune. The members who
attended the meeting were Sanjeet ,Sachin ,Raghvendra ,Amol(Myself).
This is the first activity which we performed. Sanjeet sir
gave instructions like closing eyes .Concentrate on your breath. Open eyes. We
performed this activity for 5 minutes.
Slow Reading:
Sanjeet sir had brought a book from which we did the slow
Reading Practice.
Formal Introduction:
Every member gave introduction .I and sanjeet sir used
little bit of Bouncing here.
Picture Description:
In this everybody described a picture which was brought by
Sanjeet .It was a newspaper cutting. Everybody has to spoke on the picture.
This was a good activity .Everybody done well in this.Here also i used Bouncing.
Question Answer Session:
Random question were asked to each member .They have to
give answer.
Prepared Speech:
The last activity which we performed was prepared speech. I
spoke about OSI model in networking. Sachin sir spoke about leadership
qualities of Hitler. Raghvendra sir spoke about Child Labour. Sanjeet sir spoke
about multitasking in Java. While speaking on the topic i also used Bouncing
The meeting was over around 1pm.
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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Dear Amol- Thanks!
    Few days back, as is my practice- I went and sat in the Anugrah hall, at 5 pm on a Sunday- for the SHG meeting. No one came. No one! When the hour was over – I looked back and thought about the time I had spent there and discovered that it was OK; it was in fact fine. I had spent one hour with myself, as I had been wanting for quite sometime (I am quite a "public" figure due to the nature of my work); I had spent one hour in Introspection – as I had been wanting for sometime. And above all- I had spent ONE hour away from computers.. I realized that whatever we do with good intentions and with AWARENESS, is never a loss. This is very important for people running an SHG..
    Keep sharing!


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