Herbertpur Workshop Day 1 and 2

In this workshop following participants comes and takes part

Rajesh Kumar from Indri(Haryana), Kunwar Puneet Singh from Bathinda(Punjab),
Rakesh from Faizabad(U.P.), Rajbir Singh Rathore from Dehradun(Uttrakand),
Anupinder Singh from Patiala(Punjab), Mukarrm from village near Herbertpur and
Hemant kumar from Jaipur(Rajastan).
Activities on Day One:
We start with formal introduction to each other and
also with a employee of Anugarh.
In first activity we make Some group of 2 persons. Each
person note personal information and stammering history of their counterpart. Then
tell all this information about each in front of a Female Social activist then
she ask some questions from us.
3.   Then we learn about eye contact, how it effects
After that discuss how to manage secondary symptoms.
5.   We learn bouncing and prolongation techniques.
6.   Then we note down some difficult words and do some
practice on it.
7.   After that we go to OPD of Lehman Hospital and lot of
patients are sitting there. We go to front of all benches and introduce our
self one-by-one.
8.   After that Kamal Sir give us some random topics for
speech in front of people in OPD.
We also speak our difficult words in front of OPD with both Bouncing and
9.   Again we give our introduction in front of some people.
10. After
lunch Kamal sir give us some newspaper articles, we have to read this then
one-by-one explain that news to other stammers.
11.  Then
we have practice round for various techniques we learn, like bouncing,
prolongation, pull-out.
12. Then
we all go to Assan Lake in evening.
Activities on Day Two:
1.   We go to morning walk in Tea Garden at 5AM.
We start workshop at 9:30 AM, we go to class room of
Diploma in Health Science, there are 20 students majority was of girls. Sir
divide class in 5 groups and each participants join one group, we
introduce our self to group members and shares our experience about stammering.
After that participants have to introduce itself in
front of whole class.
As all these are health science student, we teach them
speech techniques, after that Kamal Calls random students to check, they grab
that technique or not.
5.   Kamal Sir Discuss why Adult Male has higher ratio(4:1)
of stammering then females.
We watch somes videos, analyze them.
7.   Then Sir teach us Pausing Techniques and we do some
practice on it.
8.   After that we play games likes throwing
pen to each other then Asking Questions, Bum Game, Story Making

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  1. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Wonderful – and thank you for sharing with us..

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Wow 🙂 Nice activities. Thanks for sharing.

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Nice going workshop,keep moving…Miss you guys!!

  4. admin 6 years ago

    I salute your determination to fight Stammering Dear Anup. Please keep the fire burning.

  5. Hemant kumar 6 years ago

    I was in herbertpur workshop. This is my first visit to herbertpur, so I can say that This is the delayed grace of god for me. Yes, this is the god grace that we have Sachin sir in india who is providing his services free of cost in this money-minded world.
    In this workshop, I learned first time so many speech tools – Bouncing, prolongation, cancellations, pull out, pre block/in block/post block correction, pausing. The Main intention of this workshop is to change stammerers' mindset and crack the iceberg which PWS makes underneath the surface of shame, hatred & fear. For this, so many activities were arranged in OPD of hospital.
    after returning from herbertpur, any PWS will sing this song of Rajput movie, sung by kishor kumar:
    akela gaya tha main haan main
    na aaya akela
    mere sang-sang sang sang sang aaya khwaabo ka rela
    teri gali (herbertpur) se main jab nikala
    sab-kuch dekha badalaa-badala –
    jaisa ab hai aisa kab tha
    ye mausam alabela
    mere sang-sang sang sang sang aaya khwaabo ka rela




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