Herbertpur Workshop Day 3

On second Day Kamal Sir Gives Some topics on which we have to
give presentation in front of DHS Class. So we prepare it till late night.
On third morning 9:30 we go to Workshop room where we
discuss Meditation and its benefits, we all do a session of Meditation. After that
we do a session of walking meditation, after that we do some practice on our presentation.
After that on 11 AM we go to DHS class, following are Various topic on which we
all do Presentation
  1. Hemant Kumar :: Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala 
  2. Kunwar Puneet :: Green Revolution, Punjab
  3. Anupinder :: Internal combustion Engine
  4.  Rakesh :: UP politics
  5.  Rajbir Singh :: AIDS
  6.  Rajesh Kumar :: Computer Management 

We all do presentation one by one for 20 mins, after
presentation students ask their questions. We all do lot of fun in this
activity, perhaps this is very challenging.  
After that we take lunch.
After lunch we come to OPD hall, where sir arranges persons
for stuttering interview. We take intensive interview of person. Start from
simple question to difficult ones like do u marries your Son/Daughter to a
Then we go to waiting area for patient’s relatives. Where we
have to go to some persons and try to make conversation. This activity is very challenging;
 Sir constantly observes our
After that kamal sir discuss that Some people postpone life
and stop living, they stop learning dance, judo, not playing cricket, not doing
painting  & trekking, they postpone
all happiness, they(stammerers) say firstly I cure my stammer then I do same. Kamal
sir suggest that;  Do friendship, take
interest in others, help others, take help, appreciate them, learn dance, swimming,
karate, do bodybuilding, there are lot of things to do. They say that
relationships of stammerers are very poor, they have only few friends, they say
if u don’t help others, then why they help you. So be social.
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  1. admin 6 years ago

    wow!!..great activities performed..Hope in next workshop I would be a part of it…


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