The instant dose of ROMANCE…….but blocks here too!!!

Hi friends,

Although i am writing here after a long time, but, i read the blog regularly 🙂

So,you must be expecting something really exciting from this post, also i am sure that the post TITLE have brought a smile on your face too…

So, without adding any more spice,let me come to the point folks…

I proposed a girl!!!

But, not accepted…

She was a summer trainee here in my company and i was the training guide for her ..

He innocence,simplicity and easy to approach attitude towards life attracted me towards her.

Within a week,i skip a meeting to meet her all alone in the office……when all the staff was in meeting, i leave the meeting in between to meet her in the office,you know, SMART GUY!!!

Come on, don’t take it otherwise……..i just skipped that meeting to express my feelings.

So,making full use of the opportunity,i just flooded her with all the heavy dose of my emotions…….(you see, we stammerers seldom act patiently)

I just poured all my emotions…..mere dil ke zazbaat….

She was almost speechless and almost drowning in the flood of my emotions….trying hard to swim though….

Well..well later she revealed that she is COMMITTED……


But you know, we stammerers NEVER LOOSE HOPE…so just the next morning, i thought that IT IS NOT ALL OVER….SHE IS COMMITTED,NOT MARRIED OR NOT EVEN ENGAGED…

I will not leave a single stone unmoved to win her heart.

So i keep on giving special attention to her………trying to win her heart……….the whole office was helping me……..including my boss……hahahaha

He was not giving me as much work as usual so that i can concentrate on her…….what a good man he is……..he must have a girl friend in his young days!!!

Anyways, i tried all the dialogues of DDLJ’s Shahrukh khan to ROCKSTAR’s Ranbir kapoor………But, i just come to know that she is very serious in her relation and even her family is aware of it……So, it was a FULL STOP for me.


You see, there are so many beautiful girls all around…… a lot of hard work is here!!!

But lastly i would like to point down some of my observations from this experience :-

1.) During this period, i was not minding my stammering at all.Even if i was facing blocks, but my focus was not on those blocks at all.

2.) Even if you stammered badly in front of a girl, a beautiful girl…….you are not going to die….trust me (listen you all bachelor’s who stammers)

3.) Never loose heart…..when it didn’t went with her…….for a moment i thought that will i be normal again?  but with time, i am quite normal now….

4.) We must write regularly……i can feel the loosening of grip on English vocabluory as i almost left writing for a long time…


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    It is said- that in True love, you forget everything, including your body, which is so dear to us- that True love can take you straight to God!
    I am sure something like that happened to Ashish and he forgot all about stammering! Beautiful!
    Now, the challenge is get established in that state. I think this can and does happen- when one is able to know his stammering (thru Acceptance and confronting it) and realising that it is actually much smaller, compared to some other pursuit in life..
    A very small line next to a BIGGER line indeed. So, do we have a bigger line in life? and do we have courage to LOOK at the lines?
    Thanks Ashish for this bold step of sharing..
    Sitaro ke aage jehan aur bhi hain..

  2. admin 6 years ago

    very good share ashish ji…motivating..:)

  3. subodh singh 6 years ago

    Ashish as we know that…Love is Blind….so u didn't see your stammering during this golden Loving time……!!!!!

  4. admin 6 years ago

    Yes..It is really true..True love can change a lot in you and around you. Also it is easier to speak every emotions to girl. Have a girl in life is really a good thing to avoid mental disorder 🙂 Try on someone else!!

  5. admin 6 years ago

    For the next girl, try to talk to her, try to be with her, know her! Proposing can sometimes be the easy way out 😉 Try to take more responsibilities….you will have life long friendships, one of which could turn out to be what you are looking for.


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