Answers for the questions asked to India@75 member

Below are few questions followed by respective answers (in red color) given by Ms.Anukampa Gupta which can help any member on how to kick start a mission/campaign under India@75 and TISA collaboration.

I request all our members to come with their mission/campaign(some missions at end of this post) and start charting its implementation based on below information.We will soon have another discussion.


1.How can we contact /know persons who represent India@75 at various cities. 
 Contact me (
2.When can we start our mission or campaigns.
 As soon as possible. Today.
3.Will there be any brochures for campaigns that we can distribute to people. 
You can use content from the and
4.Who will be point of contact for answering new queries in respective cities 
 Contact me (
5.How to get approval for new campaigns or ideas.
 It’s a volunteering movement. Feel free to explore. You need no approval. Contribute the way any individual wants. I am open to discussing ideas in case you want to.
6.Is there any logger where we can know present missions/campaigns going under India@75 so that we can join them directly. 
7.Are there any weekly meetups or status discussion meetups.
 I suggest we start and keep uploading stories, podcasts, videos.  We can all talk soon after.
8.Will members be provided with any ID cards as public or govt organization do ask them at times for authentication.
We have volunteer ids and forms. Let’s work on these post 2nd October. Just very busy with the campaign till then.
9 How can we use the Logo of India@75 in brochures. If we want to type new brochures for a new campaign/new mission who would approve those brochures. 
I can have a look.

My suggestion let us start with video/podcast  uploads from tisa members. Lets viral as many videos/ audio files this week.
Also members can talk to five people in their social circle and motivate people to count themselves in.
Let members share their vision/ idea of india@75  and volunteer day. I have already shared communication material/ kit with you.
Start uploading content on

Some Missions/ Campaigns from our members :

1. Educating people about how to open bank account and telling them the importance of savings at bank.
2.Campaigning at elections time and making people realize how important vote can act as weapon to make India better. How important is to elect a right candidate.
3.Suggesting different technical methods to people on how we can clean/purify water in cost effective manner. 
4.Organizing 4k run in cities to spread awareness on stammering and India@75.
5.Going to colleges and speaking about India@75 and TISA .
6.Educating school dropouts/poor people the importance of education.
7.Making dropouts learn good english language speaking skills/ any native language and help them in getting jobs in BPO sectors. Now a days even village BPOs are on rise. 
Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007


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