Coorg–A Booster Enegy Meeting For All Of Us

Helloo to every one…This is Vinod,Vinod Chauhan, from Himachal.Hope you all well…!!Here first time i am going to share my story my experiences with all of you.I will start briefly from my childhood,My stammering began when i was two years old.Till my 10th class,i didn’t feel any problem due to my stammering,because you all know…we stammers are very good in our studies…!!So am was good in studies,all my teachers,my parents,my friends were happy with me.They never tried to make a fun of me.Also my friends didn’t laugh upon me..because they have to need notes from me.I also helped them in their studies and problems.After my schooling,stammering become a VERY BIG problem for me in my college.Because you have to say,ask something every time.During my engineering,i get very depressed,very tensed due to it,And i start searching its cure.After a few days i got a speech threpy center address at MP,i went there after completetition of my third year of stayed there for one month.There i learnt some techniques,some extent they helped me a lot…!!But i was unable to speak in publicaly.

I had some videos related to stammering,from these videos i have come to know about TISA.I then make  contact with them.In the month of MARCH 2012 one of TISA SHG group has come to shimla,i met with all of them,namely JP,DHRUV,JITENDER,AMIT,GAURAV…!!I was very happy to meet with them,And  remaining all information you all have read from tisa shimla meeting report.After This meeting i have started a SHG in HIMACHAL PRADESH….with the help of PAWAN.So anyone who lives in himachal,who are from himachal do contact with us.

Now i want to move towards coorg get together meeting,more then 50 pws were there,and these days were  the one of best days in my life.Really enjoyed a lot,i have learnt a lot from all of them.Briefly i would like to say,just try to atteng these types of events.And start SHG in your city,these events and SHG will help a lot to you and all of us.Enjoy your stammering and one day we all will free from our stammering fear by SHG,TISA and some techniques…!!Good Luck friends…Have a nice time ahead.Secondly i heartly thanks banglore Shg and Mr.dinesh and his team,they make and handle event very successfully.Soon Am will come with my next post…!!

I.E.—A survey made by  me and ravi in the train on stammering.




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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Thanks Vinod! Participating in such events and running a SHG etc. helps you deal with the invisible iceberg, which is about 90% of the entire problem. What is left after this is too small to bother anyone. All these changes take place slowly but steadily. Slow changes often endure better than the fast ones. So, keep working, participating and sharing your thoughts.
    Yes, you must share about the 200 people survey you did on the train while returning from Coorg- I am waiting!

  2. admin 6 years ago

    जो पत्थर आपकी मंजिल के रास्ते मे रुकावट डालता हो,
    और आपको उसी पत्थर को मंजिल की सीडी बनाना आ जाये,
    तो वो ही पत्थर आपको मंजिल तक पहुंचा देगा .
    …… And TISA is teaching this technique very well to all pws and helping us to crack this iceberg of shame, hatred, fear & guilt. And providing us a big platform to expand comfort zone

  3. Ravi Prajapati 6 years ago

    Great Vibod Paaji sharing your coorg experience.

  4. admin 6 years ago

    It was a pleasure meeting you Vinod. I too am waiting for your survey report!

  5. admin 6 years ago

    I was also very happy to meet you all there at coorg….!!Really i have learnt a lot regarding to s s stammering…!!


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