Delhi SHG report of 21st Oct at Rajiv Chowk

First of all, Happy International Stuttering Awareness day !!!!!
                 Our SHG was very nice, again as-usual the venue was our best place , Central Park, Rajiv Chowk which is a Centre of Delhi. We were 8 Member(jitender, abhishek, shri prasad, jagdish, anuj , jp sir,  rishab, me) met together and started the Meeting. This SHG was Little more inspiring-Full because we got lots of tips and tools from JP Sir who was also  the member of our SHG so we had started our SHG meeting at 12 o clock and Firstly JP sir explained the ground Rule of SHG and then our First Round was introducing yourSelf and then we did a new activity it was just for checking and making the listening skill because listening is the most powerful tool for speaking, 
                    Our task was that one man was spoking his name with add  an adjective which start from the same character as first character of his name and then he said adjective+his name again the next man add previous man adjective+name and add his name and adjective  so cyclicly, it was going on so this task showing that how much you  have listen skill and our next task was Tung Twister which always help a lot and the third task was sharing what is stammering? by own and this round was very nice because every one had their own experiences and understanding. 
                     So overall  it tells that ” Stammering is a problem but with fear it become worse and with positiveness it become fluent(stammering-less) so overall the conclusion is that if you confront yourself then you can do anything whatever you want , its all the game of your mind and thought. It is really a truth and Finally JP Sir distributed the Self Help Manual “apna haath jaganath”  🙂 🙂 

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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Vonderful Vishal! (adjective and name)

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Great visal and jitendra you are doing a wonderful job. you are organising meeting every sunday it show your punculatity and sincerity .

  3. Vishal Gupta 6 years ago

    Sachin sir….this name+adjective task credit goes to JP sir 🙂

  4. admin 6 years ago

    It was a pleasure to meet so many young people and I was really impressed by the level of acceptance in all of you


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