Two young men..

Just came across two very heart warming stories about two young men, who stammer and who chose to look beyond – and found everything.. Connecting with others is the common element in both stories.. When we connect with others in a positive and healthy way (not comparing our fluency with theirs!) we develop a sense of who we truly are- who we truly can become.. Because people around us define us. If we give out, as much as we recieve, we earn respect not just from others – but from our own inner self. We become free from “victim” mentality, “Stuttering” mindset..and life takes on a new turn. Ok- enough is enough. Here are the links:

And if you liked it, leave comments- (even if you did not! Let us know the reasons, so that we can improve..)


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Inspiring story !! Sometimes it becomes more liberating to help others than sit on ones own issues..these heroes make the world a better

    We have many "Jack's " admist us..mentoring us.offering us the platform…guiding us to be more in sync with our speech and other spheres of life..we may not have awarded them yet..but for sure we salute them for their unselfish ..unconditional preserverence and faith in us ..

  2. Anandh Sundar 6 years ago

    Awesome and inspiring reads, especially the convocation speech by a PWS. Do keep sharing such content


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