Just Breathing Is not Living

Nothing in life seems to me interesting neither i feel like doing anything . Every night before going for a sleep i wish let this be  my last night of my life .But unluckily even life is upset from me and my wish remain unfulfilled every time .
If there exist a God and Life is a Show then i want to return my Tickects , i don’t want to see the show anymore.


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  1. Sachin 5 years ago

    Instead of returning tickets -why dont you go on the stage and start your own play?

  2. admin 5 years ago

    can i call you,man?

    the cell number at which you will be available???????????

  3. admin 5 years ago

    hi gorav nice ,that you able to express urself so boldly.
    can we talk…
    i know their is no substitute for communication. and one cant remain motivated if he doesn't see any improvement in communication..


  4. admin 5 years ago

    If I may be wise enough to speak….

    "Take Sachin's advice. The on-stage performance will soon get your adrenaline pumping…..the whirlpool of action will soon catch u in its madness, and who knows you may enjoy the swirl!!"


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