Bangalore SHG January 06, 2013 meetup report

Hello everyone,
Here is report of first meetup of new year.

Attendees –  Vivek, Nishil, Kiran, Pramod, Dinesh, Praveen, Aruna, Sairam, Kishan, Chandan, Raunak, GD  and myself Abhinav

It was pretty hot day today unlike north India:) and it was awesome to see good strength in very first meeting of new year.

Today we had Raunak and GD as new members. GD is 10 year old and he came with his family. His father talked to Sachin sir and his family came to know about SHG in Bangalore.

We started with slow reading of self help manual  “Apna haath Jagnaath” for 1 hour. Then we had short introduction. Today seven members delivered prepared speeches in Toastmasters format. At end of prepared speeches evaluators gave evaluation report for speakers. For 2013 we are having agenda of having Toastmasters format speeches for 6 months so that every member can deliver 10 speeches.

After that we had table topic session, 3 minutes per speaker.So that members who did not give prepared speeches will get chance to speak. Nishil shared his vipassana course experience at end of meeting. We will be having more prepared speeches next week. See you all next week.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome to improve quality of meetups. Please mail me at abhinav.singh8 at yahoo dot com.


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Can Nishil be requested to do a longer write up on his Vipassana experience- to let others understand what is involved and what are the gains?
    Please carry on this good format..

  2. admin 6 years ago

    @Sachin sir,
    Thank you and yeah, I will request Nishil to write about his Vipassana experience

  3. Anandh Sundar 6 years ago

    Excellent to hear that the Toastmasters format is getting implemented again. Also, nice that a 10yr old comes with family, thats a sign that the TISA philosophy is sinking in roots. And kudos to Abhinav for a nice meeting report

  4. admin 6 years ago

    Great SHG meetups from Banglore members. After Coorg NGT missing you all, I wanted to see and share with you all again.
    May be in very next workshop in Banglore 🙂

    Abhinav Bro – You rock always and so as all from Banglore SHG in implementing Toastmasters style.


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