Happy Stammering!!!

planned a meeting on Sunday, 13/1/2013 at the I. T. lab, Goa University. First
of all we are grateful to the HOD of DCST Department, Prof. P.R. Rao for permitting
us to hold our meeting in the premises of Goa University. 

Members present at the
Sunday meet were:

1) Harish
2) Rajan
3) Sagar
4) Pavan
5) Prajyot
The meeting
began with an introduction round as we had two new members- Sagar & Pavan
this time. Each one of us introduced ourselves and spoke about our journey of
stammering. Sagar & Pawan had some amazing moments to share and it was
really good to see that their mantra on stammering was closely related to the
concept of acceptance.
After the
introduction we had another session in which we had to speak on our favourite
movie while a video was being shot when each of the members were speaking. When
all the members finished, all of us saw the video and the one whose video was
being played he had to make observations on which points he was going wrong
& where he could improve. Other members also gave their own suggestions
after watching the video.
After that,
we saw a few scenes from the movie “The King’s Speech”, wherein the ‘Duke of
York’ delivers a speech and stammers badly, and another scene in which he goes
to a speech therapist and is made to speak with marbles in the mouth. We had a
hearty laugh too as we saw the scenes.
Finally it
was time for all us to wind up with the meeting. The exercise of explaining the
security guard on how to click a photo on the camera turned out to be an ‘unplanned’
activity, and Prajyot and Sagar did very well. The photo uploaded is the best
evidence of the same.
Overall, it
was a fun-filled meeting. Every one had a good time. Hoping to see many more
faces in the next meeting. Until then, Happy Stammering 🙂 🙂
Report by: Prajyot

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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Yes, University is the right place to hold it because I am sure there are many students who face this issue but do not know how to help themselves..

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Please see if a small hand bills can be pasted in University campus and hostels informing about TISA and its activities.

    Wish you all the Best.

  3. admin 6 years ago

    Thanks Dr. Sachin and Jasbir ji.

    Yes, we will explore more ways of reaching out to more ppl in the university. Very much grateful to Prof. Rao for his cooperation and help.

  4. Siddarth Surlakar 6 years ago

    Hello Friends. I am desperate to attend the next meeting of TISA GOA SHG. Please do inform me. My contact details:

  5. admin 6 years ago

    Hi Siddharth, I will get in touch with you soon… See you at the next meeting…


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