Chennai Chapter meeting report held on 27.01.2013

Dear all,
The Chennai chapter SHG meeting was held on 27,01.2013  at YWCA International guest house from 5pm to 9pm and were attended by 9 PWS including 3 new ones.

We started with 15 min meditation.

Then each one voluntarily stuttered their name and place of living. 6 PWS stuttered comfortably.

To know each other names well, like Bangalore  SHG, each one asked to tell their name with an adjective and the next one has to repeat it from the beginning and so on. This is really an useful exercise for the new comers to easily remember others name.

I have decided to discuss on a current hot topic, as we seldom participate in a discussion. The topic chosen was about the decision taken by Actor Kamal Hassan to telecast the movie ‘VISHWROOPAM’ through DTH ahead of   release in theaters and Banning of that movie for 2 weeks in Tamil Nadu. This is really a hot current topic in Tamilnadu and to my surprise, a lively discussion went on for more than one hour and all stuttered less only. I suggest other SHGs may also follow this idea.  

One new PWS (Mr.Aloak) has told an incident at his office. He is working in a software company and has happened to interview a PWS to work under him for the company.He told to the PWS that ” I am also a PWS, and do not get worried and speak without fear”. Mr.Aloke recommended the PWS name but the HR people rejected his name citing his speech problem. Mr.Aloke has gave in writing that the PWS is going to work under him and he will take care and guide him. The HR people accepted his undertaking and appointed the PWS. Hats off to Mr.Aloak…

Chennai chapter has sponsored a PWS (say X)to attend a 5 days speech therapy training course. In this connection even though I know that TISA is against any commercial activities, I wish to clarify here the reason behind it. X is hailing from a poor family and he completed engineering course with a help of Rs.2 lacs  bank loan. He is a severe stutterer and he could not able to get a job even after 3 years. His parents now started pressurising him to get a job and repay the bank loan at the earliest.  To my understanding he is an average student ans also a severe stutterer with less motivation having lot of -ve thoughts. He is coming to Chennai chapter meetings regularly for about 2 years with no improvement.

Then I decided to send him to the speech therapy training which I attended 12 years back. After understanding fully about ‘Acceptance’, this is the best speech therapy course. Hence I informed to Chennai SHG members about sponsoring of X to the above course. They immediately agreed and generously contributed. A sum of Rs.10000/- was handed over to X and wish him all the best to successfully complete the course and control his stammering. My heart full thanks to every member of Chennai chapter who have contributed for this cause. 

We have decided to have a one day get together in a beach resort for the next meeting. Ofcourse this depends upon how many people are willing to participate.

That’s  all from Chennai chapter.

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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Just to clarify- we do encourage people. who can not opt for self-help for some reason, to go to a therapist- beginning from a Government therapist, because they are most affordable..
    So, this is perfectly FINE from our side..
    Thank you Chennai SHG for helping a deserving candidate …
    Best wishes to him and all of you..

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Congratulations Chennai SHG for showing compassion towards a fellow PWS.

  3. admin 6 years ago

    @ Manimaran ji – Great to know that chennai SHG helping another PWS.
    Together We Step, Together We Succeed.
    Regards !

  4. admin 6 years ago

    SenthilKumar, I have SMS to your mobile about the meeting. Now I came to know that you have changed your mobile no. I will send msg to this no about the next meeting. Also join as member in as I also mail to this group about date of next meeting.

  5. admin 6 years ago

    Excellent Mr.Manimaran.You are an inspiration.Thank you for helping the candidate

  6. admin 6 years ago

    Excellent Mr.Manimaran.You are an inspiration.Thank you for helping the candidate


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