My Vipassana experiences

My name is Nishil, and i live in Bangalore first heard about Vipasanna from dinesh in bangalore shg meetup. I thought it was one of those things which is good to hear and wish to attend and not give much thought to as we do so often in our daily lives….

Next came the National meetup in Coorg, Oh what a meetup it was, never met such interesting and enthusiastic people in my short walk of life. There again it was, the topic on Vipassana where tarak and JP shared their experience of vipasanna .That was the time I started thinking of attending this course. After the wonderful meetup after coming back i started thinking of joining.

I had mixed reactions on enrolling for the course for the first 2 weeks after coming back, i thought why should i join the course as no one guarantees benefit for me, dont we all think the same before doing anything new. But then the thought came that i had nothing to lose from going there. I enrolled for the course in Chennai which was at the end of 2012.I had booked it in October as the slots get filled up really fast. I went to the course on 19th to 30th of December in Chennai.

The course was preached in English followed by the official language of the state in Tamil.
The first couple of days were be very daunting, but completing 10 days is one of the promise you have to make to yourself before attending this course, else it would be like you chewed the bitter part of the fruit and threw the sweeter part away.  
What the course is not about?

1)Religious conversion
2)Turning you into a monk

After coming back if you ask me was it worth it-spending 10 days of my life. I would say in my 22 years these 10 days tops the list.

Vipasaana-“Seeing things as it is” is a simple yet powerful technique to be aware of.  
It is not the big things you ll find the difference in but the small stuff in day to day life where you see the changes happen.

My request to my fellow people who are considering of attending this wonderful course is just that go with an open mind and experience what it has to offer.

Written by – Nishil


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    Way to go buddy !!

  2. mayank tripathi 6 years ago

    great nishil ,kudos !! 🙂

  3. Sachin 6 years ago

    Thanks Nishil for sharing. Many of us have spent years in learning perfectly useless "tricks" and "techniques".. I think, we should give Vipassana a chance..
    Keep sharing.

  4. admin 6 years ago

    I have been advocating, it is a must must for WE PWS. Unless we eat laddoo, we can not have a feel of its taste.

  5. admin 6 years ago


  6. lashdinesh 6 years ago

    In few words you have described Vipassana very well.. You should write more often Nishil!

  7. avnish gupta 6 years ago

    very nice nishil.

    Where are these courses being held in future ? . I will be keen to attend once.


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