repeated relapce in speech practise…is it a problem of our personality

In my previous post, i shared my experiences of about half an hour practice of speech techniques and how it was helping me in controlling my stammering in those fearful situations.

Although, i am practicing, but i can clearly observe that my speaking speed have become a jet aeroplane at my work place.Very very fast!!!

And obviously, stammering is also getting uncontrolled gradually.

Why it happened??

Actually, seems that those happy experiences of control in my stammer uplifted my excitement level and it eventually reflected in my speaking speed.

I am sure that even a normal person will fumble at the speed I am talking these days at my workplace.

In past also, such phases had came and in frustrations i have always stopped those speech practices.

But this time, i am going to continue the practice.But, here again, i affirm that meditations and yoga will really help us control our emotions and behave smooth always.

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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    That is right Ashish. Falling and getting up,Falling and getting up,Falling and getting up,Falling and getting up – this is human story. If we keep on doing it, one day our "getting up muscles" become so strong..

    An important thing is – stop having regrets; that is wastage of scarce resources.. Just move on.


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