why do people laugh?

Yesterday, a young man (sensitive, well educated, regular guy) came for counselling. After some “blah blah theory” we went out for “practicals”. Something happened- interesting but really painful for the young man. I hope he is reading these lines. Names are not important- we are all same- under different labels- fearful and insecure. So, friend, please read this:

Were they laughing at his stutter? The surprise approach by a
stranger? Or was it just a coincidence that the moment the stuttering
guy walked away, they started cracking up? It was hard to tell, but also
hard to brush off as nothing.
Francek didn’t flinch. (more)


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  1. Atul bahuguna 6 years ago

    sir….first of all i want to say u that there is no need to hide my identity….n ya it was painfull when those person laughed at me…..bt i (actually nt I bt we) have to habitual to this kind of things…..
    N thanx for sharing the story of FRANK. I will also try to do such king of things…….:)
    thank u so much sir…..

  2. Sachin 6 years ago

    Thank you Atul!!
    I was just playing it safe!


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