Encounter with Ghost

That was a winter night of Punjab. I was speaking to a PWS on mobile more than 30
minute  and walking on Road. Road was
covered with dense Fog. Visibility was less than 2 meters. Except me Nobody was
on Road at that time approximate 11pm. Suddenly at 10 meter distance, I seen a
black shadow about 6.5 feet height, who was moving on the Road very slowly and
in strange style. It was not like a normal person walk. I got frightened , i
considered it – ghost & blood circulation increased from top to toe. First
my mind advised me to take U-turn as shadow is just crossing road, not coming
to my direction, but if I continue with same speed in same direction, I will
definitely cross his way as shadow was moving very slowly. But my inner-conscious  advised – “this is the time to implement
TISA theory: FACE THE FEAR. If you takes U-turn
today, you will never walk on this road and a phobia will insert in you for
whole life.”
….friends, just imagine &
put yourself in my situation- a winter night…deserted road with full fog…..a
6.5 feet black moving shadow………..
So I decided to FACE THE FEAR.
Gathered whole courage & continue to walk on shadow direction… Just 8 meter
distance but heart was palpating.  When I
was just 2-3 meter distance from shadow, I seen him clearly. It was a 6.5 feet
tall, well built physic Man, but having paralysis in left part of body. That’s
why his movement was slow and unusual. I have met him once in day time also.
so If a fear is examined it
will usually be found to be based on imagination, but that imagination can
create a kind of reality.

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  1. admin 6 years ago

    nice..dar ke aage hi jeet hai…

  2. admin 6 years ago

    Ramakrishna Parahamsa used to tell to his devotees that at night times rope looks like snake if you are having fear in your mind. You faced really bigger fear than stammering. Great. Now you start thinking that fear of stammering is nothing compared to what you have experienced at that night.

  3. admin 6 years ago

    जी हा सही बात है, डर का सामना करो|डर हमारे मन में दो प्रकार के होते है-१)वास्तविक डर और २)आधारहीन डर जिसे मनोविज्ञान की भाषा में फोबिया कहते है, इसी प्रकार का हम जैसे ट्रांस फ्लुएँट को होता हो| अगर हम इस डर का सामना करेंगे तो पायंगे की ये डर में तो कोई खास कारण नहीं था|

    ट्रांस फ्लुएँट= ऐसा व्यक्ति तो हमशा धारा प्रवाह नहीं बोल पता है, कभी कभी अटकता या लड़खड़ाता है|

  4. admin 6 years ago

    When you feel fear because of stammering you naturally want to protect yourself- basically get out of there as fast as you can.

    However, rather than protection, objective exposure of "yourself" is needed.Keep exposing and allow the fear to pass.

    It will pass. This much is guaranteed.

    All the Best.

  5. admin 6 years ago


  6. Sachin 6 years ago

    Interesting- I was reading a ghost story by Ruskin Bond in the morning- and now i get to read this one, in the evening. I am going to have a fearful night woo hoo ..:-))

    (A little fright once in a while acts like a Vitamin pill, I guess)


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