2 Days Free Rajyoga Meditation shivir at Om Shanti Retreat Center, Gurgaon

For Delhi SHG Memebers and all PWS from Delhi, NCR There is a workshop of 2 days Rajyoga Shivir meditation at Om Shanti Retreat Center, Manesar near Gurgaon.
Registration is free but mandatory.
  • Event Starts on – 18th May, 2013
  • Event Ends on – 19th May, 2013
  • Venue – Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Off NH-8, Pataudi Road, Bhora Kalan,  Manesar
  • Timing Reach at 10 am Sharp on 18th May.
  • Its completely Free(Fooding Lodging etc.)

For Registration call to sister asha(9650692017)
(Note :: I want you to go once and give feedback about how u feel about this Shivir education and place. then we can think our Next conference there but according to ur feed-back so if anyone have time and interested then go dont wait) 
[Regarding How meditation plays a role with stammering then plz call me Vishal Gupta(8447882161) or mail me at vishal.gupta@gmail.com]


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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    I think most young people in Delhi- if they can spare time- should take advantage and go. No- not to improve your speech- but just to explore another dimension of life. (Of course we all know, that when we are calm within we definitely speak better..). But go just to have fun and learn something new and different..
    And afterwards write a post here!
    (Vishal – good job!)

  2. admin 6 years ago

    wounder full vishal …. i like ur approach toward things ..post contain all the information about schedule and how one can access it,
    above all ur explaining role of meditation in stammering,according to me it plays very g8t role , i wish some time we sit together can exchange our views ..:-)

  3. Vishal Gupta 6 years ago

    yeah Lalit sure..!!!!! 🙂


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