Today’s Stuttering Quotes (06.05.2013)


1.Don’t avoid certain words or situations that trigger stuttering. Face them head-on. It’s far better to stutter than to avoid speaking situations because the fear of stuttering just compounds the problem. (Murray)
2.And what actually happens is that the more you cover up and try to avoid stuttering the more you will stutter. (Barbara)

3.Avoidance can be defined as a process of shying away from the responsibility of facing your problems. (La Porte)

4.You must sharply reduce or eliminate the avoidances you use. Every Time you substitute one word for another, use a sound or some trick to get speech started, postpone or give up an attempt at talking, you make it harder for yourself.(Emerick)

5.The more you run away from your stuttering, the more you will stutter.The more you are open and courageous, the more you will develop solid fluency.(Sheehan)

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  1. admin 6 years ago

    oh g8t, nice quotes to explain harm of avoidance …….thanks

  2. admin 6 years ago

    "Don't avoid certain words or situations that trigger stuttering. Face them head-on."

    I have three RC robot cars – 1st car is low end and hence has no inbuilt extra computing whenever it comes across an obstacle..all it knows keep banging against it like a bull, regardless of the fact that it is breaking away its parts in bargain..and is also wasting its time and battery .It just loves to get stuck in time and motion..

    2nd car : Has more computing and logical chips into it..when it come across a barrier ,it instantaneously makes other plans to bypass the barrier..

    3rd car : is the best as it can sense the obstacle in advance and can make decisions to plan out a route and a different path..and execute its larger goals ..

    I do not know comrades..which car you would prefer to be.but i would like to be the 3rd car..which thinks on the foot..rather than making the same mistake again and again..and wastes its energy in an useless task..just because of a big ego. i would rather seek out plan to avert the barriers ..because i have bigger goals in life..than just stammering and making a big issue out of it..
    May 7, 2013 at 4:07 AM

  3. admin 6 years ago

    @Mani Sir,

    Should a stutterers life align it selves only with the way he/she talks.. hasn't nature given us other physical and mental attributes to tap on to? If our big fat ego keeps fighting the stutter , trust me one would be left with no energy to do other positive things.

    Imagine a situation , when i have to catch an urgent train to Mumbai ..and i get stuck..mmmmmmm..while asking for ticket at station ..i not only am getting delayed myself i am delaying others too..going by the quote i should bravely address the situation and fight till i get mumbai from my mouth..

    Alternately i know if i ask for Bombay , i avoid delay..

    Why do we forget the basic funda of nature.."If nature has taken away something away from me, it definitely would have compesated in some way "

    Here i use my brain..which we all have to tap on to..

    Please contradict me logically..not with quotes..

  4. admin 6 years ago

    @Lalit : No sir .it has done no harm to me , because i rely on my intelligence and ever evolving and flexible social interactions..

    I control situations , rather than my stutter controlling how i should react !!

  5. admin 6 years ago

    OK.I clarify logically. Before joining TISA about 4 years back, if I stammered in an important occasion, I got upset the whole day. 1 year after joining TISA, in that same situation I got upset for half a day only. It has gradually reduced to 4hrs,3hrs,2hrs,1hr,30min,15min,5min,1min as years passed and now it is not even 10secs. I want to get rid of the 10secs also soon.Now I am not substituting any words and even if I stammer, I do not have feeling that I would have substituted with another word and avoided the stammering. For us our feeling is more important. If you feel OK after substituting with another word like Bombay, there is no issue at all.Regarding the so called 'delay', we have waited on so many occasions and do not bother about others waiting for us. After all we are going to take a few extra seconds only. That's all.I am again repeating that our inner emotion is more important.If you stammer and do not bother even 0%, then it is fine. You enjoy your life with stammering.The choice is Y(ours)

  6. admin 6 years ago

    @Mani Sir,

    Your response suggests that your emotional self is aspiring for a fluent speech and if you don't speak fluently you feel upset..though the quantum of feeling upset has reduced from 24 hours to 1 mt over the years. And following your emotional time line logically i am sure over the years one would go into negative state of upsetness and start feeling delighted after having spoken fluently..

    See you are attaching your emotions and alter ego to your speech..

    In my case i am not getting emotional about my speech, for me speech is just a tool , if one tool fails i do not sit their checking what happened to my tool..and keep using the same tool i choose another tool and look at the bigger task at hand, rather than compromising the entire job because of my ego.
    May 7, 2013 at 10:05 PM

  7. admin 6 years ago

    Majumder, In this world physical and emotional feelings are varying from person to person. Everyone's ultimate aim is happiness and satisfaction.We both are achieving the same in different ways. That's all. Let us enjoy our life.

  8. admin 6 years ago

    @ Mani Sir ,

    My Name is Joydeep Majumder , as you would understand "Majumder" is my title ,you could call me J , Joy, Joydeep, deep or whatever you wish to , but if you choose to address me by my second name i would strongly advice Sir,that you prefix Mr. to my surname . .

    And yes sir ..I am enjoying my life

  9. admin 6 years ago

    In Tamilnadu,mostly we never use title or surname. The 1st letter of my father's name is my initial. Here afterwards, I will call you Joy.


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