Today’s Stuttering Quotes (09.05.2013)

1.The first thing you must become is, an honest stutterer. (Starbuck)

2.Many stutterers will go to any lengths to conceal from others the fact that they stutter. There is great fear of losing face. (Murray)

3.If you are like all of the other adult stutterers I have known, you create,without meaning to, of course, a major share of any adjustment difficulties you may have…by trying to cover up, conceal or disguise the fact that you talk the way you do. (Johnson)

4.In order to reduce the amount of stuttering you do, you must reduce your fear of stuttering. (Trotter)

5.Your fear of stuttering is based largely on your shame and hatred of it.The fear is also based on playing the phony role pretending your stuttering does not exist. You can do something about this fear if you have the courage.You can be open about your stuttering above the surface. You can learn to go ahead and speak anyway to go forward in the face of fear. (Sheehan)

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  1. admin 6 years ago

    I kindly request you and others not to blame each others and also be careful in choosing words while commenting. We are all like one family and we are joined in this group/blog for a common purpose. ie to overcome our stammering and we should not allow other issues to deviate from our common agenda. In a family, everyone is an important member,got equal rights to tell their views and should be listened by others. I am posting quotes here for benefit of others only and not shaming anyone. I will never and ever thought in that way in my life. Pl concentrate on how to overcome our stammering. Take everything lightly and live a simple life to get peace of mind and satisfaction. This is my advice to the young PWS and all the best to them. I will continue to post quotes regularly.

  2. admin 6 years ago

    nice quote…

  3. sumit vashist 6 years ago

    nice quote

  4. Sachin 6 years ago

    Yes- honest with oneself, with ourselves..then, with the world around..
    Thanks for sharing what is common sense but not common practice..


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